Wow With a Tented Winter Wedding in South Africa

Tented Winter Wedding

Tented Winter Wedding

Winter is slowly but surely descending on the Southern Hemisphere, so we imagine the last thing you were expecting was an article outdoor tented weddings, right? Surely we must have completely misplaced our marbles? After all, tented weddings are summer affairs. Not so? Well, get ready to challenge a few of your preconceived notions on alfresco weddings, because we’re here to tell you that tented winter weddings are one of the emerging trends for 2018.

Here are a few of the reasons why winter brides are now opting to host their receptions in tented locations rather than conventional indoor venues:

Technology Has Finally Caught Up

Up until recently, the thought of having a tented reception in winter was unthinkable – mainly because the tents available were notoriously drafty and difficult to keep warm. Happily, technology and tent design have caught up! Tentickle now offers a range of water-resistant, wind-resistant tents with detachable flaps that zip up completely flush with any opening in our range of stretch tents (which also happens to come in a lovely array of colours!). These fire-retardant tents also allow for the use of heaters throughout the reception space, which means you can turn up the heat as much as you want.

The Theme Possibilities Are Super Inspiring

Winter weddings are unique in that they call for a vastly different take on themes and decoration. Instead of being airy and ephemeral, winter receptions can pull off warm, earthy abundance. Whip out the scrubbed wood, polished brass, (faux!) fur and heavy candelabra for some decor drama; dress everything in shades of white and metallic for a ‘winter wonderland’ feel; or evoke a harvest vibe with fruit and vegetables as centrepieces in lieu of fresh cut flowers – the options are endless!

You Can Go Bonkers With the Menu

Summer weddings call for foods on the lighter end of the spectrum, while winter weddings are all about indulgence. Treat your guests to generous mugs of hot chocolate, fragrant soups, oven-warm breads slathered in salted butter, roasted meats dripping with rich gravy, pies bursting with seasonal fruit and other hearty winter fare. It’s a wonderful excuse to whip out all the traditional family recipes.

These are just a few of the reasons why tented winter weddings have emerged as a matrimonial trend for 2018. Keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks and months as we share more interesting ideas to inspire your next tented event.

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