5 Pro Tips for Hosting a Tented Kiddies Birthday Party

Birthday Decorations and Donut on Table

Kiddies Parties Can Be A Walk In The Garden

If there is one thing that has the potential to drive every parent ever so slightly bonkers, it’s the notion of hosting a birthday party at home. Having ten or more children running around (hopped up on birthday treats!) is hard on the house. Not to mention the fact that you’re hosting the parents as well, so you can’t just leave everything in shambles to clean up after the fact – you have to maintain a modicum of civility throughout the proceedings at least.

The answer? Take the party outdoors! But how, I hear you ask? Simple – tents. Come rain or shine, stretch tents can be adapted to suit your outdoor space. When you invest in a tented solution from a company like Tentickle, you even have the option of closing up the gaps to create perfectly weatherproof spaces in case of wind or rain. Best of all – you can create separate spaces for different activities (e.g. facepainting, pin-the-donkey, art jamming, etc.) and set up a chill zone for the parents (wine, anyone?).

Sound good? Here are 5 pro tips for hosting an outdoor kiddies birthday party at home:

Go For Finger Foods

Build-it-yourself pizza stations may be all the rage, but when you head outdoors it’s best to stick to food that can be enjoyed on the go, without the need for a table and cutlery. Think hotdogs, tacos, etc.

Be Ready With The Sunscreen

Not every parent runs around with a bottle of sunscreen in their bag, so be ready with a jumbo-size bottle of hypoallergenic sunscreen to share with your guests. The last thing you want to do is send a parent home with a kid with a sugar high and sun damage. While you’re at it, be sure to have some wet wipes and a bleach pen on hand as well. No matter how old your children are, someone is going to spill something on someone at some point during a birthday party.

Task Someone to Take Pictures

While there is no need to hire a professional photographer (unless you really want to), it does make sense to nominate one person to take some pictures throughout the day. As the host, you are unlikely to have the time, and there are plenty of adults around at a party. Simply round up the most likely candidate and ask them to take a few candid shots throughout the day.

Think Over Your Loo Options

Your party may be outside but your loo is still inside (unless you have one which is accessible from outside, yay!). Save yourself the trouble of having to escort people to the loo by putting up a few way pointers (‘This way to the loo!’) from the entrance of your home to the bathroom. Also remember to make potties or loo-seats available for younger guests who may not be comfortable on the big lavatory yet.

Try to Relax

Yes, it’s hectic and manic and uuuuuurgh. But your kids are only little for so long. Enjoy the party as much as you can. Pour yourself a glass of wine, or drink a nice cup of your favourite tea and take a moment to take it all in.

Following these guidelines will have you well on your way to hosting a fuss-free outdoor birthday party that is bound to shift your neighbourhood’s view on tented affairs for good. Go on – be a trailblazer (and save your carpets!).

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