Tentickle is proud to introduce an integrated sidewall system for our stretch tent sales and rental market. After international enquiry we found there was undoubtedly a need for adding a sidewall solution.

Although our stretch tents are made to be pitched into having the sides flush to the ground, we’ve included stretch tent sidewalls for added versatility and control of your tented area all year through.

Sidewalls that are made to Last

Our stretch tent sidewalls are made from the same high-grade 3-ply organic fabric, available in TentFlex and Durastretch Lightweight varieties. They are manufactured to the same high-standard as our stretch tents, the sidewalls are UV resistant, 100% waterproof and fire retardant, making them just as durable, flexible and easy to install as our tents.

Added Usability & No Loss of Space

The sidewalls allow Tentickle stretch tents to be even more functional. Although all stretch tents can be pitched with edges pulled down to the ground, the result is that 10-15% of the tents total floor size is lost (much like the angled edges of an attic or roof space).

Yes, you could compensate by using a larger tent but many venues are restricted in terms of size. Our stretch tent sidewalls are therefore ideal where you can’t get a bigger tent to drop the sides you still want protection from weather (be it planned or perhaps a failsafe in case of inclement weather), added security or wish to hide an unsightly area from view.

Versatility on the Fly

The reason why you might choose having sidewalls over just dropping the tent straight to the ground is that if you had to decide for any reason to drop the sides on the fly, you would need to change the overall structure of the tent as poles would need to be adjusted. You would then also lose usable space. Hiring sidewalls and deciding to put them up is as simple as attaching them. You lose no space and it won’t change the interior arrangement such as seating and tables, heating, sound, lighting etc.

It’s useful as a means of restricting access to certain areas such as event catering areas, behind festival stall owners who wish to protect stock (having an open back-facing pile of products or merchandise behind them while they attend to customers breeds the opportunity for theft. Our sidewalls can alleviate this concern). Our sidewalls are also perfect as a ‘plan-B’ option for events, restaurant, hotels, weddings and semi-permanent installations of our stretch tents allowing for usability throughout the year no matter the direction or intensity of sudden or annual weather changes. Even snowy seasons don’t mean you have to stay indoors. When pitched specifically for snow, such as during the UK winter wonderland season, our globally available stretch tents’ sidewalls maximise comfort especially when used with heating systems. (Remember our stretch tents are fire retardant)

We Offer Standard & Customisable Sidewalls

To make sure that the sidewalls integrate perfectly with our stretch tents, the tent has to be pitched in accordance with the “Side Walls Instruction Manual” (will be available before the end of March).

For added strength, additional welded hooks and loop fastening anchor patches have been added to hold the sidewalls in position during even the most forceful windy conditions. We are launching with the most common lengths of 10m, 15m and 20m. These panels can be ordered as full-length pieces or split into two or even three sections to create entrance ways.

If you require a sidewall that it outside our standard parameters, it will have to be custom designed and tested (it requires two test pitches, first to make the pattern of the requested size, then pitched to make sure that it fits) and an instruction manual will need to be created.

Please feel free to enquire about our standard stretch tent sidewalls as well as any custom-fit requirements you might have. Our expert consultants are happy to advise and give further information on all available options and features.

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