Tentickle Stretch Tents is recognised internationally as one of the most innovative stretch tent manufacturers in the world, constantly redefining the possibilities with these Bedouin styled tents. We are proud of the fact that we have helped to establish stretch tents as an outstanding event tent solution, that is now recognised and embraced by a number of the world’s best marquee and canopy companies.

A Choice of Stretch Tent Styles and Fabrics

Our stretch tent fabrics have been perfected by a team of scientists to bring you weather-proof and fire retardant stretch tents that are perfect for any occasion, from parties, weddings and corporate events to film shoots or aid work. Coupled with this in-house manufacturing process, our position in the industry enables us to offer you a wide variety of stretch tent styles, sizes, colours, decor and accessories to choose from as well as the support of an expert team of dedicated riggers when required. Our large scale operation means we can also manufacture stretch canopies for semi-permanent installations. These have become very popular as a result of their ability to extend venues and add powerful branding opportunities in a cost-effective manner.

Why Use a Tentickle Stretch Tent?

  • Spectacular – Designed to ‘wow’ your guests and enhance your theme and event decor
  • Versatile – Pitch them on a slope or the deck of a boat, around a tree or over a pool. Sun, wind or rain, our tents will keep you protected.
  • Safe – Fire retardant and IFR (International Fire Regulations) compliant!
  • Quick Setup – Stretch tents are quick and easy to setup compared to other event tents

Why are our Stretch Tents so Popular in South Africa?

Our incredible climate invites the possibility of a host of outdoor events, with our event tents, often referred to as marquee tents, being perfectly suited to outdoor enjoyment and luxurious comfort. Inspired by the original Bedouin tents of North Africa, Tentickle stretch tents transform ordinary venues into awe-inspiring and memorable visual feasts which regularly invite gasps of delight from guests. Coupled with the incredible aesthetic appeal of these beautiful and versatile structures, our stretch tents are also remarkably safe – thanks to our certified fire retardant fabric – as well as amazingly quick to assemble, considering the size of the final structure. They afford the most versatile and robust tent solution available, coming a long way from the early bedouin tents our industry was founded on.

Contact Tentickle for Expert Advice

From Cape Town to Johannesburg (and everywhere in-between) we can supply you with the best bedouin stretch tents in South Africa. Furthermore, our stretch accessories enable our riggers to adapt your stretch tent so that it can be pitched in almost any location, from deserts and forests to rooftops and rough terrains.

Do you have any questions about stretch tent hire or are you interested in buying our stretch tents? Please feel free to contact us by either using the enquiry form at the top of the page or giving us a call.

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