Stretch Tent Hire around the world has been made easy thanks to Tentickle International. But before you decide which Stretch Tent would best suit your party, corporate function, wedding or public event needs, you should consider the following tent hire questions:

What Is Your Hired Stretch Tent Going To Be Used For?

What you will be using the hired Stretch tent for plays a big part of what size Stretch tent you will need to hire! This is because you have to think further than simply hiring a tent and have to think of the tent as part of the actual venue. You have to take into consideration how many people will be attending, will there be catering involved, is a stage or raised platform area needed. Also, if you are having a themed event you need to think about extending the imagery further than just inside the Stretch tent.

Stumped by all of the Stretch Tent options and possibilities? Then simply contact us at Tentickle International and we will help you answer all of these questions and more.

What Shape or Colour Stretch Tent Will Best Suit Your Event?

Thanks to the amazing stretch fabric that has been developed by Tentickle International there is almost no shape or colour tent that cannot be supplied for festival tent hire purposes.

Thanks to the versatility of a Stretch Tent they make the perfect alternative to Marquee Tents.

Where Will Your Hired Stretch Tent Be Set Up?

Tent technology has come along way since the introduction of the Marquee tent and no longer is a flat surface needed to erect tent structures when using a Rented Stretch Tent. This means that a whole host of new function venues can be utilised thanks to the versatility of a Hired Tentickle Stretch Tent.

For more on different Stretch Tent rental options and how they can be used to accentuate a location please take a look at our Stretch Tent Photo Gallery.

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