Q: Where is Tentickle International based?
A: Our head office and manufacturing plant are based in Cape Town South Africa, but we have an international network of Stretch Tent suppliers and distributors that can supply you with our products almost anywhere in the world.

Q: What fabric is used to manufacture a Tentickle Stretch Tent?
A: We used a specialised stretch fabric that was developed by us in conjunction with some of the worlds top universities. This fabric possesses remarkable qualities of endurance and is one of the most flexible tent fabrics currently being used in the industry. It is also extremely safe, UV resistant and waterproof.

Q: What colour Stretch Tents are available?
A: There are a wide range of colours available and we can manufacture most specialised requests. Please contact us for more information regarding tent any request you may have.

Q: What size Stretch Tent will I need for my special event or function?
A: That all depends on the size or type of function you wish to host! It is best to contact us before deciding on a tent size so that we can give you some Tent Advise.

Q: Is there a Tentickle Stretch Tents agent or supplier in my country?
A: With over 20 international countries and regions covered there is a good chance that the answer to this question is yes. However, we have created this locate a supplier page to help you find the Tentickle Stretch Tents supplier closest to you.

Q: Can I become a Tentickle Stretch Tents agent or distributor?
A: If there is not currently a distributor in your country or region then of course you can! However we will first have to discuss this business opportunity before going ahead with any plans. Please contact us via the following channels to further this discussion:

Email: info@tentickle.com Tel: +27 21 593 6918 Tel: +27 21 593 6906 Fax: +27 21 593 6916

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