Being one of the world’s most widely used stretch tent companies, we often receive a huge amount of questions and queries about how and where best to pitch a tent, what our tents are made of and how they will stand up to the environment, and how can they be accessorized for a specific event.

While this isn’t a comprehensive FAQ section, hopefully some of our advice here will help you. If for some reason it doesn’t please don’t hesitate to contact us! Not only would we love to hear from you, but we can’t wait to share our product expertise and love of our tents with you.

How and Where to Pitch Your Tent

We designed our tent structures to fit in virtually any space that you have! We have pitched our tents in a huge variety of places including on massive ships, skyscraper roof tops and even in one of the windiest places in the world! So, whether you are looking to cover several football fields, cover an outdoor eating/entertainment area, or create a stunning wedding canopy on the beach, our tents with work!

But while there are is virtually no place you can’t pitch a Tentickle Stretch Tent, there are a couple of tips and tricks that will make your pitching even easier.


If you are pitching in a windy area, stretch your tent right to the ground on the windward side. You can also pitch a narrow but long tent as a windbreak to ensure that your guests completely forget about the wind!


While our tents are waterproof, the rain will still need somewhere to run and that is where our unique tent guttering system comes in. Not only does it allow us to join multiple tents together to create super tents, but it also directs water away from and prevents any buildup of water on your tent. We will also make sure that these gutters direct water away from walkways and entrances or exits of the tents.


Think that just because our tents are made of material you can’t have heater lamps or inside fires going? Think again! While we wouldn’t recommend putting our tents directly into the fire (Please don’t! We love our tents!), our tents are fire resistant and will not catch fire or melt. So feel free to use our tents year round with plenty of lovely warm heater lamps! Find out more about our Fire Retardant Fabric here.

Concrete/paved Areas:

If you are worried about our tent pegs damaging your premises, don’t be! We have developed a variety of pitching tools and gear that allows us to pitch tents on any surface. These systems range from simple to very complex – it’s best if you chat to us about your exact needs and we’ll put your mind at rest.

As for how to pitch your Tentickle Stretch Tent, it is really easy – we can do it for you! All of our branches and affiliated companies around the world have expert teams of pitches that have been extensively trained to ensure that your hired tents go up quickly and easily. However if you want to own your own stretch tent, and who wouldn’t?, we’ll provide you with plenty of training to ensure that your tent is always safe and secure!

Cutting Edge Stretch Tent Technology and Materials

Here at Tentickle we wanted out stretch tents to not only look good, but to be made out of the best quality material in the world. Unfortunately, nothing that existed was good enough for our needs, so we invented our own. Together with leading universities we developed a range of truly unique fabrics: Organic Stretch, the popular TentFlex and deluxe Durastretch Lightweight textiles. This has ensured that from humble beginnings in South Africa, our manufacturing department has produced some of the most advanced stretch tent fabric in the world.

Tent Décor from Tentickle International

You are already looking at hiring or buying your own stretch tent – which proves that you have style, but many people want to go that extra step and create something that is truly unique – that is where our Tent Décor comes in. Our design department started with inspiration derived from the original Bedouin tents in North Africa and then proceed to create some of the most awe inspiring and eye catching designs around!

We’ve seen our stretch decor being used at weddings, massive festivals and music events, as well as corporate showcases and events. Stretch fabric decorations are not only used to compliment functions held in Bedouin tents, but are also used around the world to decorate Marquee tents, outdoor venues, international convention centres, shopping malls, stages, DJ Booths, roadsides and night clubs. Lighting is always a very important aspect of a special event – even more so if the event is held at night. This is because it is used not only to increase visibility, but through the use of intelligent lighting to enhance the entire special event experience. There are countless lighting options when it comes to our stretch tents!

Take a look if you are looking for the best advice on stretch tent decorating and decor.

If you are looking for advice on how to decorate your stretch tent, or would like us to design some custom décor decor for you, contact our design department and we’ll help you create something that nobody will ever forget!

Want to Know More?

The best way to get answers to your questions is to contact us! We are always ready and willing to help with tent advice, tips and tricks, or just to talk about our great tents.

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