A Tentickle Stretch Tent = Exactly What You Need

When you purchase a stretch tent from Tentickle you will be taking ownership of a product that has gained global recognition. Manufactured to the highest standards with versatility, longevity and aesthetics to match, our stretch tents for sale consistently beat our buyers’ expectations.

Invest in High-Quality Rental Tents

When you’re in the business of renting out wedding marquees and stretch tents for events, you want to know that your rental collateral will stand the test of time and provide you with many years of uninterrupted income.

Increase Your Seating Capacity

Restaurants and hotels have the unique challenge of having to adapt with changing seasons, clientele preferences and capacity requirements. Investing in a stretch tent for sale is an efficient and attractive way to increase earnings without the need for costly construction.

Choose to Set Your Venue Apart

Do you want to set your wedding or eventing venue apart? Provide potential guests with the opportunity to create bespoke spaces that suit their needs, budget and taste. Buying a stretch tent provides you with endless options when it comes to creating dreamy outdoor destinations.

Create Powerful Brands with Branded Tents

Our waterproof stretch tents for sale can be branded with your corporate logo to serve as a static means of marketing and brand exposure whenever you pitch your tent. This is an excellent way to make an impression when you host events, support worthy causes & more.

Choose The Tent Style that Suits Your Needs

When looking at stretch marquees for sale, form should always follow function. Ensure that the investment is worth your while by choosing a tent style that conforms to your requirements and will allow for convenient and cost-effective use.

Standard Modular Design

Our standard modular designs have been tailored with efficiency of use in mind. If you require units that may be used separately or in combination to cater for a variety of events with wholly unique capacity requirements, these tents can be rigged in tandem for larger occasions, or stand alone when smaller coverage is sufficient. In short – it’s the adaptable tented solution you’ve always been looking for.

Stage Tents & More

Wondering where to buy stretch tents that are purpose-designed for particular occasions? You’ve come to the right place. Certain tent applications call for special designs – e.g. stage tents that require a wide open front for crowd visibility, and a low back that drops to the ground to protect equipment. Our team has the know-how to assist you with bespoke designs of all shapes and sizes.

Custom Designed

Tentickle tents are ideal for use as semi-permanent tent structures to increase the seating capacity of restaurants, hospitality venues and any location that has to accommodate a fairly large amount of guests or delegates on a regular basis. With our custom-designed tents you can make your space work for you without having to break ground on a building project that requires expensive down-time.

Let’s Talk Tent Sizes – Our Most Popular Sizes in Feet and Metres

When you’re looking at stretch tent cost, the first thing that comes to mind is size. Determining the most suitable size of waterproof stretch tent for sale can take a fair amount of complicated arithmetic, but fortunately our team of tent experts are on hand to help you calculate the exact unit/s that will tick all your must-have boxes. They will guide you through the process by considering the many variables that impact on tent capacity requirements – including the type of functions it will be used for, whether a dance floor will be required, where it will be pitched, if you need to add sides, and more. Get in touch to take advantage of our team’s expertise in this regard.

Feet Meters
20 x 30 6 x 9
20 x 40 6 x 12
30 x 30 9 x 9
30 x 40 9 x 12
30 x 50 9 x 15
40 x 40 12 x 12
40 x 60 12 x 18

Our Most Popular Tent Accessories


The addition of side walls provide tents owners and renting companies with the option of creating an enclosed, temperature-controlled environment. Our Tentickle side walls are constructed from the same fire-retardant, waterproof material as the rest of our tents.

Pole Options & Add-ons

We offer a range of pole options and add-ons to make the rigging and striking of your Tentickle tent as effortless as possible. This includes everything from wooden and aluminum poles, metal pole grips and -stands, rubber toe caps, pole connector bags & more.

Rigging Equipment

Life is always a little easier when you have the right tools for the job. This is why we offer purpose-designed rigging equipment such as centre pole jacks, metal pole grips, carabiner snap hooks, ratchet straps, protective transport bags & more to get the job done right.

Tent Colours

Tentickle tents are available for purchase in a variety of neutral and eye-catching colours. Depending on the fabric range you choose, this includes white, beige, chino, red and black. Although custom colours can often be accommodated when a bespoke tent is ordered, we recommend that you discuss the stunning effects of coloured lighting in neutral-coloured tents with our expert team before you settle on a shade that suits your needs.

Tent Fabric

When you buy a stretch marquee for sale from Tentickle, you have the option of three trailblazing fabric ranges – Organic Stretch, TentFlex and Durastretch. The Organic Stretch range is lightweight, with quick recovery and excellent for repeated rentals; while our popular TentFlex range offers optimum durability ideal for semi-permanent structures. Durastretch, on the other hand, is lightweight, fire-retardant, highly tensile and offers the option of an additional lifetime coat – excellent for frequent rental use.

All of Our Stretch Tents for Sale have the Following Features

100% Waterproof

Our 100% waterproof fabrics have been tailored for use in extreme climates. When we say it’s waterproof, you can rest assured that our claim is backed up by solid, storm-tested proof.

Safety Certifications

We don’t expect you to take our word for it when we say that our tents are compliant with international standards – we provide the safety certifications so you can check it for yourself.

Product Warranties

We realise that a stretch tent purchase can be a sizeable investment. This is why we provide product warranties to put your mind at ease and provide the assurance that we have you covered.

Durability & Longevity

Tentickle tents are built to last. We set out to prove that a stretch tent can be a worthwhile investment, which is why we went out of our way to create some of the most durable stretch tents for sale on the market today.

Anti-microbial Fabric

In addition to being waterproof and long-lasting, our tent fabrics are also anti-microbial treated, which means your tent will remain in prime condition if you follow the directions of use and storage we provide with purchase.

Simple Cleaning & Repairing

Ease of use comes standard with every Tentickle tent. Each unit has been designed to be effortless to clean and simple to repair on site in the event that something should go awry, so your business can go on uninterrupted.

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