Are you looking for a smaller, lightweight and portable tent kit that still offers you a Tentickle tent’s superior strength, safety and versatility? Our in-house designed tent kits offers just that, lending itself perfectly to camping, outdoor festivities, garden parties, craft market exhibitions and so much more!

Who uses these Exceptional Tent Kits?

Festival visitors, outdoorsmen looking for additional base camp shelter, families who regularly host home and garden parties, beach lovers, and even tent rental companies looking to provide additional (smaller) tent sizes to their customers, all of these are potential Tentickle Tent Kit owners! In fact, no matter what you are hoping to use this amazing tent for there is going to be one in the right size format for you. This includes the following easy to pitch tent sizes that do not need a large rigging crew to assemble:

  • 4m x 5m
  • 6m x 5m
  • 6m x 9m
  • 10m x 7.5m

For more information on individual Tent Kit contents, please go to our Product Catalogue page.

The Benefits of a Tentickle Tent Kits

Tentickle Tents is an internationally renowned stretch tent manufacturer that has been designing and supplying Bedouin inspired stretch tents, Ireland to South Africa and to anywhere in between, for more than a decade. This means that when you purchase a Tent Kit from us you are getting a cutting-edge quality tent that is:

  • Offers more flexibility with less tent accessories
  • Transportable in small vehicles
  • Manufactured from lightweight textiles that do not compromise strength & quality
  • Easy to set up, wash and maintain
  • Has an almost translucent organic look and feel
  • Available in both fire retardant and non-fire-retardant versions
  • Comes in durable, smart packaging
  • An off the shelf retail product, so it is available to purchase right now
  • Unbeatable value for money

Available in a Range of Colours

Our easy to use Tentickle Tent Kits come in a standard colour palate of White, Silver Grey and Beige. However, we can provide you with a stretch Tent Kit in almost any colour on order. This means that this kit tent can be personalised in multiple ways, which makes it perfect for small product launches, or even as a product sales tent at a special event, festival or concert.

The All New Tent Kit Pole Mechanism

This Tent Kit also comes standard with a revolutionary new telescopic pole system! Not only does this help to simplify the actual pitching of the tent, but it also means that less people are needed to get the tent set up in the first place. This will save you both time and money on an ongoing basis, which in our opinion adds two more great reasons why you should be purchasing a Tentickle Tent Kit from us as soon as possible!

We even have various Tent Installation Manuals available to help you set up your tent cover in a jiffy.

Contact Us Regarding our Tent Kits

If you would like to find out more about our Tentickle Stretch Tent Kits, then please contact us using the contact request functionality found at the top of this page.

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