We’re not all Leonardo Da Vinci and sometimes we struggle to visualise how the stretch tent will look in the area we would like to cover.

If you’re having some trouble imagining how your stretch tent may look in the end or wish to present the idea to a third-party, our in-house technical drawer will render your vision in an immersive 3D environment to show you just how stunning your stretch tent will look.

Accurate Visualisation

Our gallery of imagery will be freely available for clients to get a greater perspective on the versatility and variations in which our stretch tents can be erected but for greater accuracy, our clients can utilise our 3D artist at competitive rates to truly represent the overall effect that can then be presented to event organisers, landlords and interested parties that you may need permission or feedback from.

You get peace of mind that you are spending money on a product that will fit perfectly in the space you wish to shield or surround. You will also get an opportunity to maximise on space, shade and shelter in a way that you may not have thought possible before.

Before We Get Started

In order for our 3D artist to produce your stretch tent drawing, we need the following information to produce an accurate visual 3D representation of the proposed tented area.

Please provide the following:

  • Birds-eye-view sketch and dimensions of the area/s to be covered, as well as elevations. We use this information to plot the pole positions. You can forward building plans or a simple pencil sketch will suffice.
  • One to three pictures of the venue or area you want to place the tent/s
  • Describe in two to three sentences what you wish to have placed inside the tent, or for what purpose/s the tent will be used (wedding, ceremony, bar, dining area, expo, couches, staged event etc.)
  • Please provide branding imagery (logo, etc.) and colour options if you wish to add these to the drawing.

We are offering an quick and affordable 3D rendering service to our clients. The price is project-based and determined by the level of detail you require the background and surrounds to be.

Our clients have given us great feedback about our 3D drawing service and have kept our 3D designer busy with wonderful projects from all over the world. Enquire now to have your vision realised!

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