How To Organise an Intimate Family Garden Wedding

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Married Couple in Garden

Plan An Intimate Garden Wedding

Tying the knot in 2020, and keen to keep things small and intimate? If the idea of a big, lavish wedding with a 7-tiered cake, 350+ guests, a live band and an ice sculpture in the foyer is the stuff that your nightmares are made of, you are not alone – there are plenty of couples who are opting to go a less ostentatious route these days. It’s easier on the pocket, less of a hassle to plan, and you can enjoy yourself without any undue stress; what’s not to love? It’s no wonder backyard garden weddings are back on trend this year!

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How To Plan A Short-Notice Wedding Like A Pro

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Eat, Drink and Be Married Sign

Impromptu Wedding Planning Tips

Planning a wedding in a month? Hah! Seems like a crazy little pipe dream, right? Yet, there are plenty of couples around the globe who have done so. While most couples take on average between 13-18 months to plan their nuptials in 2019, there is no need to draw out the process if you don’t want to. Some people want to get the official stuff out of the way so they can focus on their careers or hit the road to a fabulous honeymoon destination, while others simply don’t see the point of sweating the small stuff and want to have a fun time with family and friends without the stress of nitpicking over every detail. Whatever the case may be, it’s 100% possible to plan and execute a wedding in a month.

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Unusual Wedding Destinations In & Around Prince Albert

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Wedding Venues Albert

Unusual Outdoor Wedding Venues – Prince Albert

Prince Albert in the Western Cape of South Africa is one of those little small towns that seem to be imbued with a certain kind of hinterland magic. Flanked by lush vineyards and silvery olive groves, this tiny hamlet is home to talented artisans that range from cheesemakers and chefs to painters, writers, and thespians. One visit will keep you coming back for more, as the diminutive town at the foot of the majestic Swartberg Pass continues to draw you in with its singular mystique.

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3 Amazing Outdoor Wedding Venues in Dublin

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Wedding Venues Dublin

3 Amazing Outdoor Wedding Venues – Dublin

Dublin in Ireland is one of those amazing historic cities that also happens to have a vibrant, modern vibe. The city itself has been around since the 9th century, but these days you’ll find medieval castles and cathedrals rubbing shoulders with handsome Georgian architecture from the 1700s and plenty of eye-catching spots that have developed as the tastes of the citizens became more eclectic and refined in modern times.

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3 Très Jolie Outdoor Wedding Venues In & Around Nice

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Wedding Venues Nice

3 Très Jolie Outdoor Wedding Venues – Nice, France

Nice in France is one of those destinations that simply oozes style and elegance. First of all, it’s right on the water – the very same thing that drew Europe’s aristocrats to this oceanside destination in the 1700s can be enjoyed by visitors today, namely views to die for. Then, of course, there’s the singular overlap between the French and Italian cultures; Nice only officially became part of France late in the 1800s and has always retained a hint of Italian flair.

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3 Interesting Wedding Venues In & Around Amsterdam

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Wedding Venues Amsterdam

3 Stunning Outdoor Wedding Venues – Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of those cities that holds a spot of honour on the bucket list of almost all world travellers, and with good reason – it’s bustling metropolis filled to the rafters with all things spectacular. Think topsy-turvy gabled buildings, museums full of art and treasures from around the globe, epic design at every turn and gorgeous green spaces that just beg to be discovered.

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3 Rather Gorgeous Wedding Venues in South Australia

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South Australia Wedding Venues

South Australia Wedding Venues

Adelaide, South Australia might be known as the City of Churches, but it’s got a modern vibe that’s fun, sophisticated and laidback, seemingly all at once. The region has a rip-roaring annual festival lineup and there is plenty happening in the urban hub in terms of cultural events; plus, when you head out of town, there are verdant vineyards and golden beaches to enjoy. It’s small wonder that the city has also become one of Australia’s top wedding destinations in recent years. If you’ve been considering renting a stretch tent in Adelaide to host an outdoor wedding in and around this fair metropolis, we’ve got great news – you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice.

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3 Exceptional Outdoor Wedding Venues in Queensland

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New South Wales Wedding Destinations

Outdoor Wedding Destinations in Queensland

Brisbane, Queensland is a city of galleries and rooftop bars, sandy beaches and verdant vineyards. This sultry metropolis has really come into its own over recent years, drawing visitors from far and wide with its gorgeous vistas and lovely attractions, such as the Queensland Cultural Centre, Ballandean Estate, the Museum of Brisbane and the Gallery of Modern Art. It’s no wonder then that it has also become one of Australia’s top wedding destinations of late. If you’ve been toying with the idea of pitching a stretch tent in Brisbane to host an outdoor wedding, we’ve got great news – there are plenty of great spots to choose from!

Here are a few of our favourite outdoor wedding venues in Brisbane, Queensland:

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3 Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Venues in New South Wales

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New South Wales Wedding Destinations

New South Wales Wedding Destinations

Aside from being Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales also happens to be home to the vibrant city of Sydney – a thriving metropolis situated in the midst of an absolutely gorgeous natural setting. Then, of course, there’s Bondi Beach, which has its own particular flair, but in truth, the entire NSW coast is absolutely breathtaking. Imagine a series of stunning beaches, interspersed with characterful coastal towns with plenty of protected green spaces nearby. Whether you want to rent wedding tents in New South Wales to take your party out under the stars or prefer a setting in a forest or on the beach, there are plenty of exceptional destinations to choose from.

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Host the Perfect Outdoor Christmas Dinner in South Africa

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Al Fresco Christmas Dinner

Al Fresco Christmas Dinner

Summer in sunny South Africa is one of the best times to head outdoors with family and friends, which is why many SA families opt to host their annual Christmas dinners outside. An al fresco feast is a great way to enjoy the lovely weather and creates a laid-back atmosphere that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. However, if you choose to do so, there are a few things you should have in place to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

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