How to Throw the Perfect Vintage Wedding

Perfect Vintage Wedding

Create the Vintage Wedding of Your Dreams

It is hard to define vintage as a theme, but at the same time, it is very distinct. Vintage conjures up images of the 1920s, ’30s, and 40s. A throwback to times gone by, vintage themed weddings have become very popular today. Timeless, beautiful and romantic, a vintage wedding is the perfect setting in which to say “I do.” Soft. Pretty. Muted colours and textured fabrics. Antique. Lace. Simple and elegant without being formal. Natural and flowy.

Some of the key elements to any wedding define the theme and really set the scene. In the case of vintage themed weddings, there are certain touches that are guaranteed to give you just the look and feel you want to create.


The star of the show at any wedding, the bride’s dress really does set the mood. If you are opting for a vintage wedding, then your dress should follow suit. Typical vintage wedding dresses are reminiscent of the glamour of yesteryear. Feminine and flowing, with lots of lace, are key elements of any vintage wedding dress. You can either opt for a newly made or designed wedding dress, but if you are going for a really authentic look there are vintage wedding dresses out there that were worn way back when.


Again, lace is a key element as are antique inspired elements along with upcycled pieces. Think fine bone china, old fashioned silver, ornate antiqued gold and silver, burlap runners, candles. You can also add occasional pieces of antique furniture, for example, a seating area with Chesterfield sofas and Persian carpets or an antique dresser where guests can leave wedding presents.


Wild flowers, arranged in such a way that they don’t look arranged are the way to go. Soft, gentle, whites, greens and soft yellows and pinks will really create a wonderful natural mood.


Fairy lights create a huge impact and really add a wow factor. Not only do they make any wedding look like a fairy tale come true, but they also make the guests look good thanks to their subtle effect. Chandeliers, candles in silver candlesticks or old fashioned glass bottles all create the soft muted tones and gentle lighting.

Now take all these elements and put them together under the roof of a stretch bedouin tent. The fluid flowing organic lines, natural colours of the fabrics and beauty of these structures makes them the ideal setting for your vintage themed wedding. Your guests will be transported into another world, in another time and you will have the special day you have always dreamed of.

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