3 Mesmerising Outdoor Wedding Venues in Madrid

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Madrid City Scape

Madrid Offers Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Venues

Madrid is a city that steals your heart the moment you arrive. This golden metropolis throbs with pure, clean energy that draws you in and invites you to let your hair down and live in the splendid joy of the present moment. A broad sweep of architecture provides a backdrop to the Spanish way of life, from medieval mansions to royal palaces and the slate spires of the Madrid baroque era. This is a place to lose yourself and find a purpose. It’s a city that is beguiling and inspiring in equal measures.

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5 Australian Beaches That Are Perfect for Weddings

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Beaches for Weddings

Gorgeous Australian Beaches Perfect For Your Wedding

Aside from feisty kangaroos and cuddly koalas, Australia is perhaps best known for its wonderful weather and glorious oceanside destinations. It’s not wonder then that many Aussie locals and visitors from around the globe flock to the country’s beaches to get hitched with the gorgeous ocean as the backdrop for their big day. In fact, if you want to get married on an Australian wedding you are 100% spoiled for choice – there are so many to choose from! To make things a little easier, we thought we’d share a few of our favourites:

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Top Tips on Writing Unique Wedding Vows

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Writing Wedding Vows

Writing Wedding Vows

Over the years, the Tentickle International team has been involved in the organising and set-up of many weddings – from sweeping celebrations in locations, to small gatherings of friends and family in picture-perfect backyards. As such, we have been privy to many dewy-eyed moments when the happy couple exchange their vows in front of their loved ones, and by now we believe we have the recipe for a heartfelt set of personalised vows down to a T.

Here are a few tips to help you write unique wedding vows that are in keeping with your beliefs as a couple:

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5 Best Camping Sites in Europe

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As they say: “Stress is caused by not camping enough”

In a region that is as geographically diverse as Europe, there is always going to be any number of amazing places where you can simply pitch a tent and enjoy the magic of the outdoors. But what we wanted to know was, are there any of these unique camping sites that stand out from the crowd? To find out we interviewed a few of our staff, all of whom are not just tent enthusiasts, but also have had the privilege of working or staying at some of the most beautiful camping spots in all of Europe. Out of all of the answers we received, 5 campings sites stood out from the crowd! These are those breathtaking places:

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To buy or not to buy, that is the question…..

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Should you Rent or Buy a Tentickle Stretch Tent for your Event?

Bedouin stretch tents have become increasingly popular since they first appeared on the scene. What was once a novelty tent solution, mostly seen at obscure festivals and smaller events, is now one of the most popular products on the market.

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