3 Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Venues in Cork

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Wedding Venues Cork

3 Iincredible Outdoor Wedding Venues – Cork

It’s no wonder that lots of Irish couples are choosing to get hitched in and around Cork in Ireland. The settlement may be known as the Emerald Isle’s ‘second city’, but it sure doesn’t play second fiddle where looks and ambience are concerned. It’s liberal, youthful and cosmopolitan to the core, with plenty of pretty streets and a revitalised waterfront that teems with artisanal coffee bars and innovative eateries. Naturally, there are also plenty of rustic pubs and life Gaelic music sessions that teem with Irish craic. In short – it’s the best of both!

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3 Amazing Outdoor Wedding Venues in Dublin

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Wedding Venues Dublin

3 Amazing Outdoor Wedding Venues – Dublin

Dublin in Ireland is one of those amazing historic cities that also happens to have a vibrant, modern vibe. The city itself has been around since the 9th century, but these days you’ll find medieval castles and cathedrals rubbing shoulders with handsome Georgian architecture from the 1700s and plenty of eye-catching spots that have developed as the tastes of the citizens became more eclectic and refined in modern times.

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Tentickle Tents “Go Big” at AVA 2016 in Belfast

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Part Conference, part nightclub, all a hell of a lot of fun!

The Audiovisual Arts Festival and Conference is celebration of electronic music and digital visual arts and was this year hosted on the 4th of June 2016 at T13 Belfast. This annual event is fast becoming a major music attraction for the city and played host to a number of emerging and established artists, DJ’s, producers, promoters, agents, record labels, designers, visual artists and of course some very special guests, These included, but were by no means limited to:

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Raise Your Glass to Tentickle & the 2016 Belfast Craft Beer Festival

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Beer Festivals organized by Make it Happen Events in Ireland have been popular with locals and tourists alike for some time, but this year the 2016 Belfast Craft Beer Festival offered something a little different in the form of Tentickle Stretch tents supplied by Tentickle Ireland. Beer Festivals are already a big part of Northern Irish culture, but one of this magnitude called for premium outdoor tent coverage and temporary shelter that needed to protect the punters from the Irish weather and help create an eye-catching cosy environment. This prompted event’s organizer Bruce Mansour to contact Maverick Marquees with a request for something “funky and colourful”, and of course we were only too happy to oblige!

Tents as BIG as the Beer Flavours they’re Sheltering!

Although this was the first time that a Tentickle Tent was used at this event, Maverick Marquees came to the party in a big way and pitched a massive 700 m sq structure created through the use of 2 separate tents joined together to accommodate nearly 40 separate bars and an impressive DJ space.

Tentickle Tents at Belfast Craft Beer Festival

Enjoying a Craft Beer Under a Tentickle Tent

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Tentickle Tents Electrifies the Crowd at Electric Picnic

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Electric Picnic is Ireland’s premier Music Festival and tickets for this event are sold out months in advance. The popularity of this festival means that standing out from the masses can be a difficult task. Not so however when Maverick Marquee’s brings a Tentickle Stretch tent to the party! This is exactly the reason why Events Newstalk & Todayfm approached our Irish distribution partner Maverick Marquees, as our tents offer versatility, excitement and just the right amount of flamboyance when presented in the right colour…

Tentickle Tents at Electric Picnic

Tentickle Tents at Electric Picnic

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An Irish Wedding Dream Becomes a Reality

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Ariana & Matt Wedding - Stretch Tent in Ballintoy

There are many stretch marquees companies in Ireland that thought we were crazy to take on a wedding of this magnitude on such short notice, but we at Tentickle Stretch Tents have always had a “thing” for achieving the impossible. Which is exactly why we jumped at the opportunity to help this young American couple to host what is in our opinion one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies that we’ve ever helped to create. Let us set the scene for you and help you discover for yourself just how amazing this wedding actually was…

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Who Do You Call for an Events Tent in Ireland?

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A good question, but one that is surprisingly easy to answer thanks to the excellent work put in by one of Ireland’s leading events tent providers – read on to learn why Tentickle Belfast is worthy of your call!

Already a well-established name in the local wedding and marketing tents market, Tentickle has managed to push the boundaries of Bedouin style tent creativity and reliability by providing stretch fabric canopies for two of Belfast’s biggest festivals, namely the Filthy McNastys Music Festival and the Tall Ships Festival.

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Stunning Stretch Tent Wedding for Chris and Carine in Portnoo Co Donegal

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It is every bridal couple’s worst nightmare: wind on the wedding day! Except Chris and Carine were prepared for the rugged and windy Irish coastline and we were able to create a unique and wind-free wedding thanks to their stretch tent from Tentickle Ireland.

Ireland is a beautiful country, rolling green hills, blue open skies (when we are lucky) and plenty of charming coastline. While our coasts might have a beauty that would drive a poet to tears, they can also be rugged and exceptionally windy and wet. Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a perfect and picturesque wedding near the beach! Just ask Chris and Carine!

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Stretch Tents bring the Arts to Life at Stendhal Festival, N.Ireland

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Stendhal is the ultimate colourful arts fest – a hippie haven if you will. The 2014 Stendhal festival took place on 8 and 9 August. Featuring everything from modern art and design, to aspiring and established musicians and theatre performances, it was a delight to the senses. Upon arriving at Stendhal, festival goers were welcomed by bright yellow sunflowers, and the colourful decor followed their every foot step with bright wall designs, flags and stretch tents adorned with psychedelic decorations. The event is always very family orientated but still retains a great balance of music and arts that attracts young and old alike.

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Tentickle’s Latest Craic From Ireland

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We already know that Ireland is famous for its food, drink and literature… But what happens when we combine all three into one? We get the Kerrygold Ballymaloe Literary Festival of Food and Wine, the world’s first literary festival dedicated to food and wine!

Plenty of fun, food and festive drinking at the festival!

Plenty of fun, food and festive drinking at the festival!

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