5 Pro Tips for Hosting a Tented Kiddies Birthday Party

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Birthday Decorations and Donut on Table

Kiddies Parties Can Be A Walk In The Garden

If there is one thing that has the potential to drive every parent ever so slightly bonkers, it’s the notion of hosting a birthday party at home. Having ten or more children running around (hopped up on birthday treats!) is hard on the house. Not to mention the fact that you’re hosting the parents as well, so you can’t just leave everything in shambles to clean up after the fact – you have to maintain a modicum of civility throughout the proceedings at least.

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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Season Survival

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Summer is Wedding Season

Summer is upon us which means that weekends are going to spent watching good friends and family say “I do” as they tie the metaphorical knot. Weddings are great fun! They’re the coming together of family and friends to watch two people commit to a lifetime together. They are celebrations of love, dances of desire and a great chance for everyone to dust off their glad rags and enjoy the festivities.

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Our 3 Favourite Places for a Tented Winter Wedding

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Stretch Tents Winter Wedding Wonderlands

Stretch Tents Winter Wedding Wonderlands

Traditionally peak wedding season has been during spring and summer, with venues heavily booked up and long waiting lists, this is fast changing. With many couples opting for winter weddings both here in South Africa and overseas the wedding industry has adapted accordingly.

There is no reason today why a winter wedding should not be as beautiful, romantic and comfortable as a summer wedding. We are very lucky in South Africa that we have so many places of such magnificent natural beauty that offer a magical backdrop to any wedding celebration. We are also lucky that some parts of the country offer year round good weather.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Stretch Tent

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No matter if you are a party planner in the bushveld, an event planner in Sandton, an advertising agency in Cape Town, a party hire company in Durban or a bar owner in Port Elizabeth, Tentickle Stretch Tents in South Africa have the perfect special events tent structure for you. Not only are the Bedouin inspired tents that we manufacture easy to set up, but they are also manufactured using cutting-edge tent fabric technology. Because of this they offer a safe and comfortable area for people to gather and celebrate, while still looking extremely stylish.

Would you like to know even more about what makes our stretch fabric tents so great? Then take a look at the top 5 reasons why YOU should hire a Tentickle Stretch Tent for your next event below:

1. They Look Good

The Bedouin inspired look of our tents have ensured that they have a truly unique and memorable look to them. They literally have helped to banish the boxy special events marquees of the past and are available in almost any shape, size or colour that you can think of.

Our Stretch Tents will give your event a memorable look

Our Stretch Tents will give your event a memorable look

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