Pop Culture Wedding Themes to Inspire Your Big Day

Pop Culture Wedding Themes to Inspire Your Big Day

A Fairytale Wedding… Literally

Does the very idea of a white wedding with rose bouquets and neutral-yet-snazzy cumberbunds make you want to fall asleep in your soup from utter boredom? You are not alone. Around the globes, bridal parties are blazing the trail with all sorts of fun wedding themes that set the stage for a festive celebration, rather than just a run-of-the-mill ceremony and reception.

Here are a few of our favourite pop culture wedding themes that have been doing the rounds and are sure to turn any wedding into an event to remember:

Game of Thrones

Medieval feast anyone? From dragons to fair maidens, iron knights to dire wolves and dwarves, Game of Thrones has all the fantasy elements you need to whip up a truly decadent affair. True, the series itself is not known for the most fortunate of wedding feasts, but you can still turn the lifelong feud between the Lannisters, Starks, Targaryens and Greyjoys into a splendidly sumptuous backdrop for your own big day.

Disney Classics

From Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid to Beauty and The Beast, classic Disney movies are a treasure trove of inspiration for brides-to-be. Alternatively, draw your inspiration from more recent animated titles, such as Moana, The BFG, Alice in Wonderland, Frozen or even Monsters University!

Zombie Apocalypse

Not for the faint of heart, this wedding theme is a good fit for the couple whose favourite holiday is Halloween. Are your favourite films Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later? Is Walking Dead always your box set of choice? Find a slightly spooky wedding venue (think gothic-looking hotel), and go to town on the zombie accessories – think cake toppers, cufflinks, tomato cocktails as welcome drinks.etc. It also makes for a super fun photo session (can anyone say ‘fake blood capsules’?).

TOP TIP: Outdoor weddings are literally the season’s hottest trend. To turn your wedding into a truly memorable event, take it off site to a unique destination that suits your theme. E.g. If you’re doing a superhero theme, pitch a fabric tension tent on a inner-city rooftop that overlooks the urban skyline; or go full-on Pride & Prejudice in a flowery field where you can dance al fresco and even put up glamper tents for your guests to spend the night under the stars. The options are endless!

There you have it – a few of this years most fun and festive pop culture wedding themes to inspire your big day. What are you waiting for? Let your imagination run wild and tailor the wedding of your dreams. After all, it’s your nuptials and you can go completely off the menu if you want to!

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