Reasons To Have a Tent Supplier on Speed Dial

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Madrid City Scape

Reasons Every Event Organiser Should Have a Tent Supplier on Speed Dial

Event organisers are some of the most hard-working folks on the planet, that much for sure. It takes a very strong, organised human being to take a person, team or company’s vision for an occasion and turn it into an actual, manageable, 3D reality while remaining sane. However, the truly successful event organisers also know that there are certain suppliers they need on speed dial if they want to offer a seamless service.

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How To Organise an Intimate Family Garden Wedding

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Married Couple in Garden

Plan An Intimate Garden Wedding

Tying the knot in 2020, and keen to keep things small and intimate? If the idea of a big, lavish wedding with a 7-tiered cake, 350+ guests, a live band and an ice sculpture in the foyer is the stuff that your nightmares are made of, you are not alone – there are plenty of couples who are opting to go a less ostentatious route these days. It’s easier on the pocket, less of a hassle to plan, and you can enjoy yourself without any undue stress; what’s not to love? It’s no wonder backyard garden weddings are back on trend this year!

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3 Mesmerising Outdoor Wedding Venues in Ljubljana

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Wedding Venues Ljubljana

Mesmerising Outdoor Wedding Venues – Ljubljana

Ah Slovenia, what a spellbinding country. Straddling the divide between Eastern Europe and the Meditteranean, this lesser-known marvel is storybook scenic – think rolling green forests, glittering lakes, epic mountain vistas, loads of castle-like structures and even a little sliver of golden coastline. Ljubljana is also known as one of Europe’s greenest and most liveable capitals. In fact, it was named the European Commission’s Green Capital of Europe in 2016. Here, the verdant banks of the Ljubljanica River has been turned into pedestrian zones, which means you can set out to explore on foot. Pure magic!

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Unusual Wedding Destinations In & Around Prince Albert

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Wedding Venues Albert

Unusual Outdoor Wedding Venues – Prince Albert

Prince Albert in the Western Cape of South Africa is one of those little small towns that seem to be imbued with a certain kind of hinterland magic. Flanked by lush vineyards and silvery olive groves, this tiny hamlet is home to talented artisans that range from cheesemakers and chefs to painters, writers, and thespians. One visit will keep you coming back for more, as the diminutive town at the foot of the majestic Swartberg Pass continues to draw you in with its singular mystique.

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Exceptional Outdoor Wedding Venues In & Around PE

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Wedding Venues Port Elizabeth

Exceptional Outdoor Wedding Venues In & Around P.E.

Situated on the picturesque Algoa Bay in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province, Port Elizabeth is known for its beautiful beaches and welcoming ambiance. Here along the Sunshine Coast, visitors from far and wide come to enjoy water sports, stroll along the waterfront, visit wildlife sanctuaries and drink in the lively atmosphere that has earned the city its moniker ‘The Friendly City’.

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Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Destinations – Worcester

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Wedding Venues Worcester

Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Venues In & Around Worcester

The town of Worcester in the Western Cape of South Africa is one of those destinations that are beautiful all year round – in the summer the lush green vineyards and orchards provide a verdant backdrop for nuptial celebrations, and in the winter the majestic mountains are often topped with snow (so much drama!). Whether you choose to get hitched on a farm, in a historic venue or outdoors overlook a glittering dam – there are plenty of options to choose from.

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Top Tips on Choosing a Wedding Date

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Wedding Couple Autumn

Choose The Perfect Day For Your Perfect Wedding

Over the years, our Tentickle teams have been involved in the organising and set-up of many weddings – from big, flashy nuptials on polo estates, to intimate backyard celebrations and everything in between. As such, we have quite a bit of insight regarding the building blocks of a well-planned wedding, and by now we know that it all starts with choosing the right date.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect wedding date for your big day:

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5 Pro Tips for Hosting a Tented Kiddies Birthday Party

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Birthday Decorations and Donut on Table

Kiddies Parties Can Be A Walk In The Garden

If there is one thing that has the potential to drive every parent ever so slightly bonkers, it’s the notion of hosting a birthday party at home. Having ten or more children running around (hopped up on birthday treats!) is hard on the house. Not to mention the fact that you’re hosting the parents as well, so you can’t just leave everything in shambles to clean up after the fact – you have to maintain a modicum of civility throughout the proceedings at least.

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Let There Be Light

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Tentickle Tent Covering a Pool at Night

Use Lighting to Enhance the Visual Impact of your Stretch Tent

Someone once said “lighting is everything,” and they were absolutely right! They were probably talking about the theatre, but the same principle applies to the event too. Nothing can ruin the mood like bad lighting. Too bright and you have no atmosphere at all. Too dark and your guests may as well be wearing blindfolds. The lighting really can dictate the mood of an event. As Aaron Rose said “In The Right Light, At The Right Time. Everything Is Extraordinary.” And it really is true. When lit correctly, the inside of a stretch tent can be transformed into another world, whether it be a fairytale wedding, a pirate’s cave, a hot and sweaty dance floor or a rocking concert.

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Take Great Event Photos with a Stretch Tent

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Stretch tents offer elegant lines which make them the perfect backdrop to your event photo. You can also use them to cast interesting shadows or lead the viewer’s eye to the subject of your photo. Here are our top photography tips on taking great event photos with a stretch tent.

Stretch Tent Backdrop

Stretch tents provide the ideal backdrop and can serve to emphasize your subject better

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