Stretching Your Floorspace

Posted by on 23 Jan 2018 under Bedouin Tent Rigging

Outdoor Venue Tents

Increase Your Venue’s Size with a Stretch Tent

Do you own a restaurant, coffee shop or eatery? Then the term “season” means something completely different to you than to the rest of the world, doesn’t it? None of this autumn, winter, spring, summer for you. You have only two seasons: hectic and dead. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to stop the cash freeze from eating into your fairweather profits? If only there was a way to expand your floor space when things are looking up and to cut away the dead wood when trade drops off… Tentickle can help you stretch (pun intended) your floor space and your profits.

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Let There Be Light

Posted by on 10 Apr 2017 under Bedouin Tent Rigging, South Africa, Tentickle Tips

Tentickle Tent Covering a Pool at Night

Use Lighting to Enhance the Visual Impact of your Stretch Tent

Someone once said “lighting is everything,” and they were absolutely right! They were probably talking about the theatre, but the same principle applies to the event too. Nothing can ruin the mood like bad lighting. Too bright and you have no atmosphere at all. Too dark and your guests may as well be wearing blindfolds. The lighting really can dictate the mood of an event. As Aaron Rose said “In The Right Light, At The Right Time. Everything Is Extraordinary.” And it really is true. When lit correctly, the inside of a stretch tent can be transformed into another world, whether it be a fairytale wedding, a pirate’s cave, a hot and sweaty dance floor or a rocking concert.

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The History of the Bedouin Tent

Posted by on 17 Apr 2016 under Bedouin Tent Rigging, South Africa

Bedouin Tents

A Brief History of the Bedouin Tent

The history of the tent is a long and interesting tale. One of the earliest forms of shelter, the tent is associated with wanderers and nomads. From man’s most primitive days the tent was used as a form of shelter. Even the most rudimentary structures have common attributes to today’s dwellings – divided sections for different living functions, supporting structures, a roof, a floor and an entrance of some sort.

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Stretch Tents for Corporate Events

Posted by on 21 Dec 2015 under Bedouin Tent Rigging, South Africa

Tentickle Stretch Tents Sponsors The German School Raffle

Stretch Tents for Corporate Hosting Events

More and more, big corporate companies are looking for out the box event solutions. There is a growing trend that is moving away from the stale, traditional corporate event experiences. What better way to do this than with a stretch Bedouin tent from Tentickle.

Marketers and event organisers are always on the lookout for new, innovative branding ideas that create a unique and memorable brand experience. A stretch tent is high impact, practical and creates a great atmosphere for any event. The latest in digital printing technology combined with the right stretch tent fabric creates branding that is both eye catching and professional. Imagine a company logo, larger than life, printed onto a stretch tent. No more need for pull up banners that flap and fall over in the wind, no need for fussy gazebos or flags that break. A branded stretch tent will set you apart from the competition.

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10 Days of Gale Force Winds and a Tentickle Tent

Posted by on 28 May 2015 under Bedouin Tent Rigging, South Africa

Pitching a tent with gale force winds buffeting and virtually knocking you off your feet doesn’t exactly sound like a good idea. In fact, you have to be really confident in your tent and its design to even dream of attempting something this risky. But if you have a Tentickle Stretch Tent, this is simply business as usual.

Winter Glamping Ideas in Southern Africa

Gale Force Winds and a Tentickle Stretch Tent

Of course when we designed our unique stretch tent fabric we knew that we were on to something special – that it why we enlisted the help of top South African Universities to ensure that our fabric was the best available. Even our product testing was more intense than other fabrics – anything that can survive being pitched at the Cape of Storms guarantees highest quality and strength. So we know that our fabric is strong, but we still love it when clients and distributors call us to tell us just how amazed they are at our fabric’s strength!

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Stretch Tents in Extreme Conditions

Posted by on 18 Aug 2014 under Bedouin Tent Rigging

Stretch tents have many benefits – not least of which is their flexibility. They can be sited on rocky or uneven surfaces, in deserts or snowy terrain, on boats, rooftops or even around swimming pools or trees. This flexibility makes them extremely versatile. They can work as wedding tents in a vineyard or on a beach or as a medical or disaster relief tent in the middle of a desert. As long as people can traverse the area, a tent can be pitched there to provide shade and a meeting point for workers, guests or party goers.

Recently we pitched a few stretch tents in the snow for a shoot in Stockholm and the snow really made the stretch tent stand out emphasising its unique beauty. As you can see, it can be paired well with lanterns for a ‘fire and ice’ effect.

Stretch tnets in Winter

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Tentickle Tents at the Ultimate X Games

Posted by on 09 Feb 2014 under Bedouin Tent Rigging, South Africa, Tentickle Bedouin Tents News

For the second year in a row, Tentickle Tents was at the Ultimate X Games at the Waterfront and witnessed some of the most amazing tricks and skills form the leading extreme sports people in South Africa. If you were not there then you really missed out!

Check out how we set up for this great event:

1. First we lay our tents on special ground covers to protect our tents and get the shapes right:

Ultimate X - 1

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Team Talk: This Is Hardcore Bedouin Tent Rigging in SA

Posted by on 24 May 2013 under Bedouin Tent Rigging, South Africa, Team Talk

This is the first in a series of team talk articles written by our Tentickle Bedouin Tent staff. These articles will highlight what it is we do and how we do it, we hope you enjoy them…

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