Reasons To Have a Tent Supplier on Speed Dial

Posted by on 24 Mar 2020 under Event Tents, Events, Events Management, Stretch Tents, Tentickle Tips, Tips From Tentickle

Madrid City Scape

Reasons Every Event Organiser Should Have a Tent Supplier on Speed Dial

Event organisers are some of the most hard-working folks on the planet, that much for sure. It takes a very strong, organised human being to take a person, team or company’s vision for an occasion and turn it into an actual, manageable, 3D reality while remaining sane. However, the truly successful event organisers also know that there are certain suppliers they need on speed dial if they want to offer a seamless service.

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Start Planning Your Tented SA Summer Wedding in Winter

Posted by on 28 May 2018 under Events Management, South Africa

Tented Summer Wedding

Tented Summer Wedding in South Africa

Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale… And what better way to celebrate you and your partner’s magic other than a beautiful outdoor wedding?

After years of being involved in the eventing business, Tentickle have come to have a close relationship with everything wedding related. We can help you plan your perfect day by offering a range of elegant stretch marquee tents to choose from – which can be pitched in virtually any space at any time of the year.

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5 Non-negotiable Outdoor Wedding Must-Haves

Posted by on 23 Nov 2017 under Events Management, South Africa


5 Non-negotiable Outdoor Wedding Must-Haves

Getting ready to host an outdoor wedding in 2018? Listen up ladies and gents! Having the following five non-negotiable outdoor wedding must-haves in place will pave the way to a lovely al fresco event without any unnecessary hiccups.

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5 Novel Outdoor Wedding Venues in the Western Cape

Posted by on 30 Oct 2017 under Events Management, South Africa

Outdoor Wedding Venues in the Western Cape

Outdoor Wedding Venues in the Western Cape

The Western Cape is one of South Africa’s wedding meccas, and with good reason – it’s absolutely gorgeous and there is such a wide variety of venues to choose from. In spring and summer, outdoor weddings are extremely popular. The Western Cape is a winter-rainfall region, so the likelihood of inclement weather is very small. As such, many bridal parties choose to have al fresco events to celebrate their nuptials.

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Ideas for Outdoor Corporate Entertaining in South Africa

Posted by on 10 Oct 2017 under Events Management, South Africa

Outdoor Corporate Entertaining

Outdoor Corporate Event Tents

Spring has sprung, and summer will soon be here. So, it’s time to get out of the office, swap the boardroom for the open air and make the most of the great outdoors.

For the last few months, thanks to the cold and sometimes wet weather, marketing managers and event planners will have been limited to creating corporate events inside. But with the weather changing, there is a whole new world open to creative and fun events that make the most of the great outdoors. “But it rains in summer too?” we hear you say. Yes, it does. But thanks to our specially patented range of waterproof stretch tent fabrics a little bit of rain won’t dampen the spirits of the day. Our stretch tents can be branded, come in a variety of colours, are made to any specific size and are easy to put up, take down and store.

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Spring is going to be In-Tents!

Posted by on 25 Jun 2014 under Events Management, South Africa

Planning any event is no easy task. All event planners know that there are a thousand and one things to do before the event starts, a hundred and one things to do once the event starts, and of course that one thing that somebody forgot to do. But with winter almost through, forgive me – I am an optimist, getting to work on the details of a spring or summer event is sure to make any event planner feel warm inside, whether it is a wedding, corporate event or a simple birthday celebration.

Spend Spring in a Tentickle Tent!

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Your Six Steps to Event Planning Success

Posted by on 21 Nov 2013 under Events Management, South Africa

Whether you are in the event planning industry or planning a private special event, the strategies needed to make your event memorable and/or profitable are extremely important. They require a certain amount of planning and a whole lot of commitment to achieve the ultimate goal – having a great event people will remember and talk about long after the celebration has passed.

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What is Events Management?

Posted by on 20 Jun 2013 under Events Management, South Africa

A good question and one that is easily answered, but it needs something of an explanation if a good understanding of what events management truly entails is needed.

Event management in its simplest form is the application of specialised project management to the creation, running and development of special events such as weddings, concerts, conferences, festivals and other such events. That been said, it is a much more complex undertaking than simply providing the correct project management. This is because the project management of an event needs to be done in the context of the events audience, location, logistics, technical aspects and the thoughts, ideas and meaning behind the actual event. Events management is now target driven and not simply a way to “throw a good party” and because of this it needs to ensure return on investment, be it a financial, social or personal investment return.

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