Stretch Tents in Extreme Conditions

Stretch tents have many benefits – not least of which is their flexibility. They can be sited on rocky or uneven surfaces, in deserts or snowy terrain, on boats, rooftops or even around swimming pools or trees. This flexibility makes them extremely versatile. They can work as wedding tents in a vineyard or on a beach or as a medical or disaster relief tent in the middle of a desert. As long as people can traverse the area, a tent can be pitched there to provide shade and a meeting point for workers, guests or party goers.

Recently we pitched a few stretch tents in the snow for a shoot in Stockholm and the snow really made the stretch tent stand out emphasising its unique beauty. As you can see, it can be paired well with lanterns for a ‘fire and ice’ effect.

Stretch tnets in Winter

To illustrate how stretch tents can work in both extremes, look at this image of a setup we did for a film shoot in the desert. Here the tent blends into the surrounding terrain which works well to camouflage the shoot location and give the crew some welcome relief from the sun’s harsh rays.

Tentickle Tent on Location

This image gives an idea of how you can pair a tent with some beautiful large trees for a forest-style event.

Stretch tent in a Forest-style event

There are many reasons why Tentickle tents are suitable for different terrains and extreme conditions: thanks to the latest technology used in developing superior tent fabrics, they are lightweight, portable, and easy to pitch (even on sloped terrain) yet they are extremely hard wearing, made from 100% waterproof, UV-protected and fire-retardant fabric.

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