Stretch Tents for Corporate Events

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Stretch Tents for Corporate Hosting Events

More and more, big corporate companies are looking for out the box event solutions. There is a growing trend that is moving away from the stale, traditional corporate event experiences. What better way to do this than with a stretch Bedouin tent from Tentickle.

Marketers and event organisers are always on the lookout for new, innovative branding ideas that create a unique and memorable brand experience. A stretch tent is high impact, practical and creates a great atmosphere for any event. The latest in digital printing technology combined with the right stretch tent fabric creates branding that is both eye catching and professional. Imagine a company logo, larger than life, printed onto a stretch tent. No more need for pull up banners that flap and fall over in the wind, no need for fussy gazebos or flags that break. A branded stretch tent will set you apart from the competition.

Due to the versatile nature of our stretch tents, they can be used anywhere and can be made to create spaces of various shapes and sizes. They take the guesswork out of the weather – an outdoor event no longer needs to be stressful as no matter what the weather is doing, a stretch tent will protect guests from the elements. You can concentrate on the task at hand without the worry. So, whether it’s a corporate golf day or a sports event, a black tie dinner or an executive breakfast, whether it is a product launch, staff party, awards ceremony or client hosting event, a Tentickle stretch tent is the answer.

There is nowhere that these tents can’t be erected, and no size event that they can’t cater for. They can be erected both inside and outside or on a rooftop, and for any number of people. Visit our Corporate Events Gallery or Call us now for a quote.

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