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Increase Your Venue’s Size with a Stretch Tent

Do you own a restaurant, coffee shop or eatery? Then the term “season” means something completely different to you than to the rest of the world, doesn’t it? None of this autumn, winter, spring, summer for you. You have only two seasons: hectic and dead. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to stop the cash freeze from eating into your fairweather profits? If only there was a way to expand your floor space when things are looking up and to cut away the dead wood when trade drops off… Tentickle can help you stretch (pun intended) your floor space and your profits.

Now, if your first reaction is that you don’t need tents, you’ve got umbrellas, it’s because you haven’t seen stretch tents in action. They cover a larger area with fewer supports and no breaks, so they don’t have to be moved as the sun gets on. There’s no risk of a customer dropping a cement pedestal on his foot or an umbrella on the next table over. A stretch tent doesn’t need to be brought inside when it starts to rain and it doesn’t blow over if the wind picks up. In fact, the only reason a stretch tent is classified as a semi-permanent structure instead of an immovable one is because it is so ridiculously easy to set up or take down.

And it looks classy! The rich, luxurious stretch fabric lends an air of care and comfort to the look of any restaurant. If white or taube doesn’t go with your restaurant’s theme, fear not: Tentickle’s tents come in an array of colors that can be matched to your banner. What’s more, the sleek-lined structure exudes a sense of security that is inviting to patrons, even in bad weather. It can double as a smoking section and even play host to fans, misters and space heaters (the material is not only UV resistant and waterproof but also flame retardant).

Want your customers to see the view and not the car park? The tents can be fitted with custom sidewalls to direct the eye without hindering the natural light. They can also help steer foot traffic or create hidden corners for waiter stations. Sidewalls do not only serve as draft excluders but also adds to the (already superior) insulation properties of the tents, allowing you to create and maintain a comfortable outdoor climate to match that of your indoors.

In short, a Tentickle tent is not an add-on to your restaurant any more than the collapsible roof is to a convertible. It is part and parcel of the same amazing enterprise and waits only on your preference. Only need it half the year or for a special event (those last-minute Valentines or family Christmases)? Our rental rates are competitive. And you can try before you buy! Let us draw you a virtual 3D picture of your new space: it paints a thousand words, from A(wesome) to Z(en)!

Fit more feet in your restaurant and more tables on your floor. Don’t wait for the turn of the seasons, order your tent with Tentickle today!

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