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Tentickle Tent Covering a Pool at Night

Use Lighting to Enhance the Visual Impact of your Stretch Tent

Someone once said “lighting is everything,” and they were absolutely right! They were probably talking about the theatre, but the same principle applies to the event too. Nothing can ruin the mood like bad lighting. Too bright and you have no atmosphere at all. Too dark and your guests may as well be wearing blindfolds. The lighting really can dictate the mood of an event. As Aaron Rose said “In The Right Light, At The Right Time. Everything Is Extraordinary.” And it really is true. When lit correctly, the inside of a stretch tent can be transformed into another world, whether it be a fairytale wedding, a pirate’s cave, a hot and sweaty dance floor or a rocking concert.

Lighting up stretch tents for an evening or night time event not only creates atmosphere but is also necessary and practical, after all, people need to be able to see where they are going and what they are doing. The lighting inside your tent can also have a big effect on what your guests look like. Harsh overhead lighting for a wedding just won’t work. Not only will you totally kill the vibe, but when you look back at your photos you might think you had a Halloween themed wedding. – think about lights in an elevator. No one looks good under those. Harsh lighting exaggerates every line and wrinkle, dark circles and bags are transformed into black holes and luggage sets. It just isn’t on! Unless you are having a conference, there is no need to do this to yourself, or your guests.

So, you ask, what are the lighting options that WILL work? We’ve compiled a few suggestions that will create just the right ambience to get your party started.

  • Up lighters – these sit on the ground and light up the wall of the tent. They provide that practical lighting we were talking about earlier. They provide light so that your guests can see what they are doing without being too bright or jarring. They are usually used in conjunction with another form of lighting.
  • Chandeliers – these bring to mind glamour, sophistication and an air of grandeur. Chandeliers are a real show stopper in any stretch tent and provide beautiful atmospheric lighting.
  • Fairy lights – what can we say? Always a hit. Day or night, fairy lights create a subtle, gentle yet very impactful effect. They are a great addition to any stretch tent decor.
  • Festoon lighting – these are strings of light with larger light bulbs on them. Great for a rustic themed event. To create a decor feature of them, use trendy filament light bulbs. If you are going for something little more carnival-like you can also use coloured light bulbs.
  • Candles – while candles don’t add huge amounts of light, they most certainly create a close and romantic atmosphere. Whether you opt for the opulence of a candelabra or choose to create your own candle centrepiece decorated with flower, they are a great way to decorate any table. Just make sure you have a few fire extinguishers at the ready, just in case.
  • Paper lanterns – these are a very effective way to create a real wow factor, and to add some colour to your event. You can either string them up or bunch them together to make a big lighting feature. Paper lanterns are also a very cost-effective lighting option as they are not expensive.
  • Star cloth – bring the bright night sky inside. There is nothing quite like partying under the stars, and with a star cloth, you and your guests can.
  • Lighting rig – if you are throwing a concert or are trying to create a big club dance floor, a lighting rig is most definitely the way to go. Totally rock ‘n roll, a lighting rig will really set the tone for the dance floor!

However, you choose to light your event, bear in mind what you are trying to create. If you are going for romantic and intimate candles might be your best bet. If you are trying to recreate the main stage at Glastonbury then you should perhaps look into a lighting rig. Whatever lighting you choose for your event, remember the two rules: soft warm bulbs and no harsh overhead lighting.

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