10 Days of Gale Force Winds and a Tentickle Tent

Pitching a tent with gale force winds buffeting and virtually knocking you off your feet doesn’t exactly sound like a good idea. In fact, you have to be really confident in your tent and its design to even dream of attempting something this risky. But if you have a Tentickle Stretch Tent, this is simply business as usual.

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Gale Force Winds and a Tentickle Stretch Tent

Of course when we designed our unique stretch tent fabric we knew that we were on to something special – that it why we enlisted the help of top South African Universities to ensure that our fabric was the best available. Even our product testing was more intense than other fabrics – anything that can survive being pitched at the Cape of Storms guarantees highest quality and strength. So we know that our fabric is strong, but we still love it when clients and distributors call us to tell us just how amazed they are at our fabric’s strength!

A great example of this is one of our UK distributors who wrote to us recently about their experiences with our tents and gale force winds. Usually you would think that gale force winds and any tent would be a bad idea, with the risk of injury, collapse and damage to the fabric being realities for most other tent types, but when the UK was recently wracked with storms and gale force winds, our UK distributors went on with business as usual. For ten days it was a Tentickle Stretch Tent versus the gale force winds of up to 100km per hour.

As the wind increased to the point where it became difficult to walk and trees branches started creaking ominously, the UK team simply increased the corner ballast blocks to a staggering 4 ton apiece. But once the storm had blown itself out, and the wreckage of the storm surveyed, you can guess what was still standing without a single tear, broken seam or split: Our stretch tent of course!

Despite the intense pressure and buffeting by the high winds over the large tents, resulting in many tonnes of force being applied to the fabric and its seams, the stretch tent emerged unscathed and still as good looking as when it was pitched.

The secret to our fantastic fabric’s strength lies not only in the material, but also in the stitching process. While we aren’t going to be giving away any of our trade secrets, suffice to say that we have spent years developing it and are constantly striving to improve in order to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of the stretch tent industry. Though unique stitching methods our seams are strong even to survive even the worst of storms. This high quality and strength is unique to Tentickle Stretch Tents and is what sets us apart from many other competitors. We have developed our fabrics specifically for purpose and extreme weather, not simply bought them and stitched together. Combine this with our extensive experience in the Stretch Tent and Entertainment industry and our dedicated design department and you have have a tent that will not only withstand the worst of storms, but also a company that you can rely on to weather the business world with you.

One of the great things about being a massive international distribution network is hearing about just how well our proudly South African stretch tents handle everything that the world can throw at it. Share your stories with us, get a quote or find out how to join our international distribution network by contacting us.

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