Ideas for Outdoor Corporate Entertaining in South Africa

Outdoor Corporate Entertaining

Outdoor Corporate Event Tents

Spring has sprung, and summer will soon be here. So, it’s time to get out of the office, swap the boardroom for the open air and make the most of the great outdoors.

For the last few months, thanks to the cold and sometimes wet weather, marketing managers and event planners will have been limited to creating corporate events inside. But with the weather changing, there is a whole new world open to creative and fun events that make the most of the great outdoors. “But it rains in summer too?” we hear you say. Yes, it does. But thanks to our specially patented range of waterproof stretch tent fabrics a little bit of rain won’t dampen the spirits of the day. Our stretch tents can be branded, come in a variety of colours, are made to any specific size and are easy to put up, take down and store.

Here are a few ideas that will wow your clients and make the boss smile.

1) Ready, Steady, Go

Hosting a corporate sporting event is always a real winner. Now, we’re not talking about Wimbledon here, but a tennis tournament or a corporate golf day, for example, are always huge successes. Or a mountain bike event or soccer match. The possibilities are endless. It gets everyone out of the office, creates a relaxed but competitive environment and makes the most of some of the most beautiful parts of South Africa. Create oases of shade and rest stop for the athletes by setting up a stretch tent as a drinks stop and somewhere they can cool off in the shade.

2) The Sound of Music

Music has a way of breaking barriers and bringing people together. What better way to shed the corporate stuffiness than with the sweet sound of song. Our stretch tents come in a range of sizes so whether you are hosting an event featuring the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra or a string quartet you will be covered.

3) Set Sail

Whether it’s the Vaal River or Table Bay, there are so many beautiful bodies of water across South Africa that create the most magical backdrop. But, you don’t have to limited to sunset cruises. A working brunch on a boat or an afternoon presentation followed by sundowners on the aft deck would impress even the most difficult clients.

4) A Picnic in the Park

We’re not suggesting soggy sandwiches and warm orange squash. Quite the contrary. Why not throw a lavish gourmet picnic and make the most of the summer weather? But it’ll be too hot, you say, or the food will melt. Not if you use a stretch tent to create shade for those who want it. And the food can all be set up under the tent too.

5) Party Time

A warm summer’s night is the perfect setting for a business soiree. Whether you are hosting 120 clients and colleagues at a lavish black-tie do, or you are going for something a bit more low-key with an evening drinks party, why not set up a stretch tent under the stars and create the perfect setting for like-minded businessmen and businesswomen to get down to the business of doing business.

Getting everyone together in a relaxed and less formal environment than the office can often create relationships that you can grow and foster to work together further. After all, some of the best business deals are made either on the golf course or over a good meal. And by investing in a stretch tent, you will find that the possibilities are endless when it comes to uses for it. They are a great investment for any company. And the options are endless with a stretch tent. Check out our gallery for some inspiration.

To find out more about our corporate stretch tent options get in touch with one of our expertly trained consultants now!

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