Reasons To Have a Tent Supplier on Speed Dial

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Reasons Every Event Organiser Should Have a Tent Supplier on Speed Dial

Event organisers are some of the most hard-working folks on the planet, that much for sure. It takes a very strong, organised human being to take a person, team or company’s vision for an occasion and turn it into an actual, manageable, 3D reality while remaining sane. However, the truly successful event organisers also know that there are certain suppliers they need on speed dial if they want to offer a seamless service.

This normally includes a dependable tent supplier. Here’s are five very important reasons why:

Guest Count Increases Are Unpredictable

In an ideal world, a client would approach you with a firm guest count that had already been confirmed, triple checked and 100% signed off. However, this is seldom the case, and when guest numbers increase unexpectedly, it helps to have a tent supplier on hand who can help you accommodate those unexpected invitees.

VIP Sections May Be Required at Short Notice

Clients can also realise that they need a VIP section a little late in the game. This can cause quite a panic if you suddenly have to reshuffle the flow and layout of the entire event to create a plush, cordoned off space. Once again, a beautiful tent can save the day!

The Weather Can Turn Against You

Outdoor events are all the rage, but the weather can be unpredictable, even at the height of summer when rain should be the least of your concerns. This is why a good tent supplier will provide event organisers with units that feature handy side walls and fire-retardant fabric, so the sides can be closed up and heating/cooling mechanisms put in place to ensure the comfort of the guests in case of inclement weather.

Branded Tents Make for Great Marketing

If you provide organisation support for an annual event, a forward-thinking tent provider will offer your team the option of purchasing branded tents that can be used as static marketing for upcoming occasions. E.g. aerial photography of this year’s event can be used to promote the next year’s.

Tents = Epic Spatial Possibilities

Tents open the scope of possibilities so much further than a conventional static space. For instance, a music festival could be hosted in a tent that runs all around a dam, by connecting multiple tent unit to offer a seamless eventing space, etc.

There you have it – five reasons why every seasoned event planner has a solid tent supplier on their lineup of trusted vendors. Keen to get one of your own? Get in touch with the Tentickle team to find out more about our world-renowned stretch tents, expert rigging teams and the other measures of support we offer to our valued clients in the events industry. We’re here to ensure that you have all the backup you need to create truly memorable occasions that lay the foundation for plenty of repeat business down the line.

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