Bringing the Party with Events Tents

With spring on its way, we are already starting to see an upswing in the number of party tents that we are hiring out, and of course we know why. From thrilled customers, guests and party planners, Tentickle Tents seems to be the number one stop for party tents.

Tentickle Outdoor Party Tents

When it comes to party planning one of the most difficult things to do is to find the perfect venue. Sure you can just hire the local hall or sports club for your birthday party or anniversary celebration, but too often they lack the right ambiance that your celebration deserves. One of our stretch tents quickly changes this. If you are set on having an inside party, a stretch tent can turn a bring hall into a mystical marquee covered party hall.

Corporate Party under a Tentickle Tent

If course, not all your parties are going to be inside, especially with summer on its way. Garden parties are all the rage right now and underneath a beautiful stretch tent there is nothing that can spoil the party – except running out of drinks.

Tentickle Party Tent at a Wine Farm

But these are not the only reasons why our party tents are so popular at the moment. Sure we have a long list of return customers who had such a great event last year that they want to try and top it this year, as well as guests who saw our tents at a party and now want one of their own, but we also are seeing an increase in party planners and event organisers who have discovered just how easy we can make their lives by taking over the tent design and set aspect of their business.

Find out more about our party tents here.

Intrigued? Looking for a tent to give your next party an extra pizazz? Contact us and one of our designers or tent team and find out just how easy it is to get a stretch tent to transform your next party.

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