Spring is going to be In-Tents!

Planning any event is no easy task. All event planners know that there are a thousand and one things to do before the event starts, a hundred and one things to do once the event starts, and of course that one thing that somebody forgot to do. But with winter almost through, forgive me – I am an optimist, getting to work on the details of a spring or summer event is sure to make any event planner feel warm inside, whether it is a wedding, corporate event or a simple birthday celebration.

Spend Spring in a Tentickle Tent!

Spring weddings are some of the most beautiful events of the year. Not only is it the perfect time for flowers and being outside, but nature itself lends itself to perfect photo opportunities. It is for this reason that outdoor weddings underneath a stretch tent are an absolute must for any couple looking to get married in spring. While matching colour themes to the bride’s favorite flowers is a tricky thing to do, finding the perfect floral arrangements aren’t if you have your event open out onto rolling lawns and lush gardens.

While large swaths of cherry blossoms might be a very popular wedding trend at the moment, you can still get the beautiful pinks by swapping them out for local proteas. Not only does it give your wedding a beautiful South African note, but the flowers themselves add timeless sophistication and elegance to your wedding floral decorations.

Lighting a stretch tent is simple and actually opens up hundreds of different lighting options. For lighting effects, don’t just stick to the traditional spot lights and fairy lights, think about smart lighting options that transform the tent’s walls or roof into screens, or use gobos or pin spots to create silhouettes, or simply throw up a few colour washes to bring in the wedding’s colours to key points of the tent.

Spring is going to be In-Tents!

With the sun and its warmth starting to make a serious appearance after its hiatus in winter, more people will be out and about visiting wine and cheese farms, promenades, gardens, beaches and other outdoor areas. With so many people out and about your corporate clients are sure to want an eye-catching event tent to showcase their products and services. Using stretch tent hire is perfect for these kinds of events as Tentickle Stretch Tents has a wide range of stretch tent sizes that are perfect for any size event, from a small stall to a full sized expo. These stretch tents are also very popular for bars and smoking areas at pop up events and displays.

Not only are they great at attracting attention with their unique looks, but the shade will also be a sweet relief to all guests or passersby.

Tentickle Tents - Spring

Despite how many people feel about birthdays, they are a perfect reason to celebrate and and everybody loves to surround themselves with their best friends and laugh, joke and celebrate the night away. Whether you are looking at small backyard event or a larger event, keep your guests warm and well covered with a stretch tent. Thanks to their unique multi-shape design stretch tents can be set up in virtually any location. Why not suggest your clients host a Murder Mystery, Arabian Nights, or Roaring 30s themed celebration? These themes are always popular and all guests are sure to appreciate the added ambiance that comes with the stretch tent.

The spring celebration and corporate event options of a Tentickle Bedouin Stretch Tent are endless. Looking for some more ideas or advice about how a stretch tent can make your event even better? Contact one of our tent designers or consultants and find out how you can make spring in-tents!

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