5 Non-negotiable Outdoor Wedding Must-Haves


5 Non-negotiable Outdoor Wedding Must-Haves

Getting ready to host an outdoor wedding in 2018? Listen up ladies and gents! Having the following five non-negotiable outdoor wedding must-haves in place will pave the way to a lovely al fresco event without any unnecessary hiccups.

Shade & Shelter

Yes, we know you know you need a tent when you host an outdoor wedding. But do you know what kind of tent you need? Living in the tech age has a myriad of benefits that extends far beyond apps that remind you to have your eyebrows threaded, or fridges that quietly judge your extensive chocolate collection – the world of tents has also been developing at a rapid clip! Gone are the days when your only option was a sweaty PVC tent with cumbersome tent poles that creates all sorts of tripping hazards.

Tentickle tents, for instance, can be pitched anywhere (including flush against any existing building), are fully waterproof, boasts some seriously stylish lines and can be as open or closed as you’d like it to be. Choose a fabric tension tent that creates a welcome patch of shade without impeding the view over your venue’s surroundings, or opt for a fully-enclosed space that can be closed all the way to the ground in case of inclement weather – the choice is yours.

Space & parking for Vendors

If you’re hosting your wedding at home, remember to take into account that your vendors and servers will need a place to dress and rest prior to and throughout proceedings. Decide beforehand which bathroom facilities should be set aside for their use, and also bear in mind that they will have to park their vehicles somewhere close.

Suitable Food

Serving food outdoors, particularly when it’s quite warm, can be a little more finicky than you think. Ideally, you want to meet with your caterer onsite before buttoning down your menu. They’ll need to see which facilities are available for their use, and will also be able to inform you of the necessary serving space they’ll require. Be ready to supply plenty of tables and perhaps a fan or two. TOP TIP: If it’s going to be warm, steer clear of plated desserts with sorbet or ice cream (it will melt); or plated cheeses (it will get oily/soggy).

Tools of The Trade

Having the following on hand will make things a lot easier on the day: Bug spray, suntan lotion, a first aid kit, flashlights, broom, garbage bags, paper towels, spray cleaner, a rubber mallet to tap anything into the ground that needs securing (e.g. signage).

Memorable Touches

Think paper parasols, inexpensive hand fans and flip flops to hand out to your guests as wedding favours. The first two are great to keep your wedding party cool while you tie the knot; the latter will give your female guests a welcome gap to kick off their high heels and get on the dance floor!

There you have it – five non-negotiable outdoor wedding must-haves. The trick with al fresco weddings is to plan properly and have everything ready before the big day.That way, you can sit back and enjoy the gorgeous ambience of an open-air celebration without any lingering stress due to details that weren’t tended to in the lead-up to your special event. Now stop fretting and go enjoy your wedding planning!

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