Winter Glamping Ideas in Southern Africa

Are the days already becoming too short for you? Already planning your next escape to the sunny lands far from the hustle and bustle of town? Southern Africa offers countless DIY winter glamping experiences for the adventurers who love the lap of luxury under their beautiful stretch tent.

Winter Glamping Ideas in Southern Africa

Winter Glamping Ideas in Southern Africa

One of the best things about living in South Africa is that no matter how cold it gets here, there are always winter holiday camping opportunities close by that will put a smile on your face and a tan on your skin. So grab your camping year, pack your stretch tent, and enjoy our top three picks of truly adventurous glamping this winter!

Get in touch with yourself in the silent Karoo

We are exceptionally lucky to have a friend of a friend who has a large farm out in the Karoo who is always happy to let up pitch our beautiful Tentickle Stretch Tents out in the Karoo desert for a week or so. The silence is often overwhelming and a welcome break from the noise of the city. Winter temperatures aren’t always the most welcoming with temperatures often getting close to freezing at night, but most days the temperature nudges closer to 20 degrees. There is nothing better than sitting in the quiet Karoo around a roaring campfire with a good warming bottle of mulled wine or gluhwein.

Unfortunately, not everybody has access to camping spots out on the farm, but check out the Karoo National Parks for camping, or try and contact local private farm holders. They are often willing to let you hire a spot for a week or so if you are clear that you are going to self-sufficient and will leave the place spotless.

Make sure that you pack plenty of blankets, red wine, firewood and a massive potjie pot.

Orange River Tranquilly

If you are looking for a serious retreat from the cold this winter, why not pitch your stretch tent on the Orange River for some river rafting and tanning on one of the most beautiful rivers in South Africa. There are plenty of camping spots along the river that offer really great value for money, as well as several fantastic farmers that will let you camp along the river for a nominal fee.

Winters on the Orange River are a truly awe inspiring events, with temperatures staying high into the thirties and sudden unexpected thunder showers to be expected. But the first time that you hear the fish eagle cry you will know that you are truly home in Africa. The river is great for swimming and river rafting if you have your own inflatables or canoes, while lying on the banks of the river at night and staring at the stars will reconnect you with your inner self instantly.

Cellphone signal is rare on the river, so be prepared to live without social networks for a week.

Don’t forget your passport, life jacket and canoe!

Kwai camping on the river Khwai

No, not that river, the one in Botswana. Located just outside of the Moremi Game Reserve, the river Khwai is one of Southern Africa’s best kept secrets. Enjoy camping under that beautiful trees near the river and unwind in this tranquil oasis which offers some of the best bird watching spots in Southern Africa. Don’t worry animal lovers, there are plenty of wildlife spots around the camp for you to do day trips through!

You will need a 4×4 to get here, but it is worth it! Contact the Botswana tourism department for details on how to book!

Camping out here can be life threatening however! Not from wild animals though, but from the fruit of the bread fruit tree. These massive seed pods grow high up in the trees and if they fall on you they won’t actually kill you, but it does hurt! Don’t forget to check your surroundings for these aerial missiles before you pitch your stretch tent.

Don’t have your own stretch tent for camping yet? Find out more about getting one right here!

What are your top picks to go camping in winter? Do you know of a truly amazing place that you think should be on our list? Tell us all about it!

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