Spellbinding Stargazing Spots in South Africa

Spellbinding Stargazing Spots in South Africa

Spellbinding Stargazing Spots in South Africa

Living in South Africa, we have the incredible privilege of being within striking distance of some of the world’s foremost stargazing destinations. This is mainly due to the fact that there are vast portion of our country that is still remote enough not to suffer from the light pollution that obscures our view of the stars in large metropolitan areas.

Here are our top picks among the many astonishing stargazing destinations in South Africa to inspire your next excursion:

The Cederberg

The awe-inspiring Cederberg mountains is renowned for its vast open space where rock formations frame the horizon. This is also where you’ll find some of the best stargazing throughout the country. It’s only about two hours’ drive from Cape Town and yet the landscape is completely different: wild and warm with a raw, dramatic beauty. Accommodation venues in the area offer outdoor ‘suites’ where guests can sleep under the stars in summer, so it is the ideal destination to pitch a Stargazer of your own if you choose self-catering camping spots.

The Karoo

If you have stars in your eyes, the Karoo is a must-visit destination. More specifically, Sutherland is the place to be. This is after all where the world’s most foremost astronomers decided to erect the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) – the largest single optical telescope in the southern hemisphere – so it makes sense that the stargazing out there is pretty epic. There are plenty of lovely self-catering and catered accommodation venues in the area, have a look here.

The Bushveld

The Bushveld is a sub-tropical woodland region that encompasses large parts of Limpopo – an area of beautiful and contrasting landscapes that is also tailormade for stargazing. The region is known for its exceptional lodges and camping destinations that range from five-star venues with all the bells and whistles, to eco estates and small campsites with accommodation in chalets and huts, as well as fully-serviced stands where you can pitch your own camp.

These wonderful stargazing destinations should be more than enough to inspire your next excursion to some of South Africa’s most sought-after getaway spots. Keen to build out your existing camping repertoire to include a tailor made stargazing solution? We’ve got just the thing. Our newly released Stargazer tents are mesh units that offer unimpeded views of the night sky and surrounding scenery in an innovative mosquito and bug-proof space with ample room for a comfortable stay. It’s tailormade for enjoying nature at its unobstructed best!

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