Stretch Tents are the New Marquee

The New Marquee – Tentickle Stretch Tents

For a long time traditional marquees were the only option for functions, events and parties. They were hugely popular, and while they definitely still have a place, the stretch bedouin tent has revolutionised the event industry.

The rigid structures of traditional marquees with their pitched roofs and white walls were commonplace at large outdoor event. The boxy marquees, while popular are quite restrictive. While available in a variety of sizes, they come in one shape – a rectangle – and because of the way in which they are setup they offer far less flexibility than stretch tents.

Here are five reasons why stretch tents are the new marquee:

1) Dynamic

The nature of stretch tents means that they can be set up in almost anywhere. There is no need for even ground because there is no set structure and the poles used don’t need to be anchored. The fabric stretches and is tensioned to fit the conditions. There is no set configuration so the riggers can adapt the stretch tent to suit the conditions to any specific venue.

2) Freestanding or Anchored

Stretch tents can be rigged as stand alone structures or can be rigged in such a way that they are attached to existing structures. This means you can add space to an existing building, you can create an outside vibe under cover and you can set up a stretch tent so that is a permanent addition to any building. And thanks to the genius design, stretch tents can be set up so that they are open or can be set up with the fabric pulled right down to the ground to provide protection from the elements.

3) Any size, shape or colour

Available in a range of colours, and sizes there is no set way in which stretch tents need to be set up. No one configuration is the same. So no matter where you see these stretch tents they are all uniquely constructed. Whether you are having an event for 20 people or 2000 there is no limit. From the smallest garden party to a huge concert you can benefit from stretch tent hire. For the bigger events its just a matter of rigging several pieces of the stretch tent fabric together.

4) Hassle free set up

Quick to put up, quicker to take down stretch tents don’t need a huge team of people for rigging. In fact, they are so easy to set up that when people buy their own stretch tents they can learn to do it themselves.

5) Eye catching and atmospheric

There is something very special about bedouin stretch tents. They are exotic, romantic and really do turn heads. The fluid lines, the unusual configuration that is achieved all add to a great feeling underneath the tent. They are also airy and spacious. Whether you want to create a themed event or are more into stylish simplicity a stretch tent will only add to your event.

So, don’t delay. Contact us now to find out more about our range of stretch tents and book us for your next event.

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