The difference between Marquee Tents and Bedouin Tents

Do you know what the differences between marquee tents and Bedouin tents are? No? Well then look no further than this article as here we explain what each type of tent is and why they actually do differ quite vastly and perform specific functions that can compliment your function or event needs.

Why choose between a Marquee and a Bedouin Tent?

Marquee tents have traditionally been a popular choice for events and festivals all around the world. However, very little has changed over the years with regards to these tents and they offer only a very conventional party and function venue style. Bedouin tents on the other hand, now offer a remarkable level of choice, value and creativity due to the improved technology and styling that goes behind the design of each separate tent.

There are several (if not more) reasons why people choose Bedouin tents over existing marquee tents when deciding on a venue cover for a special event. These are just a few of these reasons:

  • Bedouin tents are incredibly flexible. They allow you to be creative and you can choose almost any colour, size and shape to suite the theme of your event. A Bedouin tent can also be positioned in uneven and difficult terrain. This even includes erections on steep slopes, terraces and rooftops. This sort of special event covering is simply not possible with a marquee tent. This makes the Bedouin tent an infinitely more qualified choice when planning a unique function in any area.
  • Bedouin tents also have a more natural look and feel than marquee tents which often have a more traditional (and unattractive) PVC look. Bedouin tent material even feels better due to its ability to breathe naturally. This feature is ideal for parties since it helps with temperature regulation and allows an natural through flow of air that will keep any function fresh.
  • Bedouin tents are also easier to maintain and transport (this saves on cost). Even larges tent can typically be stored in a domestic garage and loaded onto a pick-up truck or small transport vehicle. The tent can be quickly dismantled and reassembled when necessary in almost any location as well.

It is therefore clear that Bedouin tents offer many advantages when compared to modern marquee tents. In fact a Bedouin tent may indeed be the ideal choice for your next party or special event no matter where in the world you want to hold it.

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