How To Organise an Intimate Family Garden Wedding

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Plan An Intimate Garden Wedding

Tying the knot in 2020, and keen to keep things small and intimate? If the idea of a big, lavish wedding with a 7-tiered cake, 350+ guests, a live band and an ice sculpture in the foyer is the stuff that your nightmares are made of, you are not alone – there are plenty of couples who are opting to go a less ostentatious route these days. It’s easier on the pocket, less of a hassle to plan, and you can enjoy yourself without any undue stress; what’s not to love? It’s no wonder backyard garden weddings are back on trend this year!

As a well-established wedding tent supplier, our team of marquee experts have been involved in the setup of many inspiring celebrations over the years. This includes beautiful backyard weddings and garden parties of all shapes and sizes. Here are our top tips for planning an intimate family wedding without too much hassle:

Weatherproof Your Celebrations

If you plan to host your event outdoors, the first thing you need to do is ensure that you have adequate coverage in case the weather turns against you on your big day. A sturdy wedding tent with removable flaps and the option of adding fans/misting/heaters is a great option – it covers all your bases in the event of a rain shower, heatwave or strong wind.

TOP TIP: Find out whether you are legally allowed to perform a binding wedding ceremony outdoors in your country of residence. The law in certain countries insists that couples sign their wedding documentation under a roof, or get married at a court before the outdoor service.

Splurge on Food & Music

Working on a budget? Spend at least 60% on food and music. Choose a caterer you trust (or rope in your talented chef friends/family members!) and find a musical act or DJ that understands your groove. In the end, if your guests are well fed and properly entertained, they will have a good time. The rest is just frosting.

Streamline Service Delivery

Because you’re working in a smaller space when you host a backyard wedding, it pays to stagger the arrival of your service providers throughout the day so there aren’t any unexpected bottlenecks in terms of parking, off-loading and set-up in the leadup to your event. Draw up a schedule and ask your service providers to adhere to it so there won’t be any issues on the day.

There you have it – a few top tips that will smooth the way for a fuss-free garden wedding. Keep an eye on the blog in the coming weeks and months for more expert event planning advice from inside the Tentickle camp. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch if you’re planning to host a wedding on a tight timeline and require the services of a helpful marquee tent provider. Our range of event tents can be tailored to suit occasions of all shapes and sizes.

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