Tentickle Tents at the Ultimate X Games

For the second year in a row, Tentickle Tents was at the Ultimate X Games at the Waterfront and witnessed some of the most amazing tricks and skills form the leading extreme sports people in South Africa. If you were not there then you really missed out!

Check out how we set up for this great event:

1. First we lay our tents on special ground covers to protect our tents and get the shapes right:

Ultimate X - 1

2. We start raising the tents.

Ultimate X - 2

3. The tents start taking shape and we can remove the ground covers 

 Ultimate X - 3  

4. The special frames and structures for the stage are assembled.

Ultimate X - 4

5. The bar, stage and seats are all chilling, waiting for the party.

Ultimate X - 5

6. The party starts!

Ultimate X - 6

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