Team Talk: Tentickle Has the Fusion Music Festival Covered

Tentickle Decor at Night

Tentickle rocks the Fusion festival in Germany!

Fusion Festival in Germany is the country’s largest electronic music festival and a treat for any festival lover. Located in the North of Germany on an old air field base used during the First World War the venue has an intriguing feel which adds to the festivals uniqueness.

Lasting for 4-6 days and happening at the end of June Fusion boasts about 20 different dance floors and 65 000 attendees. From small secret areas with funky mid tempo music to 6 main dance floors all hosting between 5000-7000 people per floor heaving out the best techno and rock on the main night’s of the festival. The dance floors are not the only areas that festival goers can enjoy however, there are also a wide range of other types of entertainment available. In fact, everything from cabaret, cinema, and theatre to various other performances and tomfoolery can be enjoyed.

Tentickle Tents and decor

Tentickle tents are perfect for any party occasion, no matter where in the world you are…

The Tentickle Connection

Tentickle was contracted in 2008 to manufacture a number of various types of stretch fabric tents for the Fusion Festival. We then had to fly to Germany to train the tent rigger teams, help set up the new festival tents, and remain on standby during the festival and decor setup for the trance floor.

The tents and all equipment were shipped over in freight and our team flew to Germany. We set up stage tents for all the main open air floors, tents for food areas and stretch decor on the trance floor. With over 2000sqms of tent spread over a 3 square kilometre area and 65 000 people using them, we had to keep a level head during the festival in case tent adjustments needed to be made. The event however ran perfectly and thanks to a good team effort all tents stood tall and proudly flying the Tentickle Tents brand name during the 6 day party.

Tentickle Tents Are Multifunctional

There is more to a Tentickle tent than just good looks…

Creating Memories…

One of the most memorable parts of the festival was undoubtedly the setup. Setup for such mega festivals takes months of planning and building. The Fusion festival, and other large festivals, also use different crews and employ people from around the world. This creates an interesting if not eclectic setup routine that is almost as colourful and eventful as the actual festival itself.

During the setup period, a temporary community is created that sees various artists and other festival helpers creating friendships and lifelong connections. This is made even more obvious at mealtimes with all meals being served from a central kitchen and all of the various festival crews from around the world eat together. This is a great time to meet new people, socialise and make friends.

So, if you are in Germany around June or are looking for a European festival to attend, I suggest that you pop on by and enjoy the Fusion Festival. You might not have the same experiences as our tent rigging teams, but we are sure that you’ll have a good party under the covers of one of our Tentickle Bedouin tents.

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