Many restaurants and venues that operate outdoor areas dread winter because it means that they lose their outdoor entertainment areas due to inclement winter or temperature. More often than not, they shy away from expensive solid coverings as these would ruin the ambiance of their outdoor areas in summer and end up costing too much to be viable.

However, thanks to Tentickle’s semi-permanent outdoor coverings you can maximize the revenue and profit from your outdoor entertainment areas by utilizing them in milder or even inclement seasons. Not only are these semi-permanent perfect for accentuating your venue’s current design motifs, but they also add ambiance and charm at a fraction of the cost of permanent structures.

Increase Your Seating Capacity

With a semi-permanent stretch tent covering your outdoor venues, you can cost effectively create waterproof and uv-protected entertainment areas and thereby increase your seating capacity. The introduction of additional outdoor entertainment capacity combined with our stylish and trendy stretch tent designs, means that not only will your guests love visiting your venue more, but this increased attendance will also see an increase in revenue and profit.

This increased outside space is exceptionally versatile as it allows you to have stunning summer cocktail lounges and entertainment areas without worrying about your guests getting sunburnt, as well as cozy autumn dining areas where guests can enjoy warming drinks and dinners under heater lamps or near fireplaces. Our stretch tent coverings make your outside space so versatile that the only limit is your imagination!

Make the Most Out of Your Venue

Outdoor venue areas are often some of the most profitable areas during summer and spring, however rain, wind and extreme temperatures in winter and autumn will drive your guests inside resulting in unusable and unprofitable spaces. Some restaurants and entertainment venue owners are forced to invest in expensive solid roofs so that they can at least use their outdoor venue for longer periods of time, but they often find that these solid structures rob their outdoor areas of their charm and vibe in summer leading to loss of revenue.

Increase Seating Capacity and Venue Usage Year Round

Tentickle Stretch Tents is proud to offer you the perfect hybrid solution that provides not only shade and coolness during the peak of summer but also helps to protect your guests during inclement weather in autumn and winter, ensuring that you can make the most out of your outdoor venue and entertainment areas.

Our semi permanent stretch tent structures are quick and easy to pitch and can be installed with virtually no modifications to your existing structures. Tentickle Stretch Tents offers comprehensive training so that you can pitch your semi permanent stretch tent structure for exactly as long as you need it – allowing you to take advantage of sudden winter sun or protect your guests during unseasonal rain.

Tentickle’s Unique Stretch Tent Fabric and Designs

Our research and development team have spent years creating the perfect stretch tent fabrics that are waterproof, fire- and uv-resistant, and will protect your guests year round! To further increase the longevity of our semi-permanent structures, all tents manufactured with our world-renowed Tentflex fabric also has reinforced stitching on the outer roofing utilising PTFE thread with a 25 year lifetime guarantee. Our design team is constantly at work creating the best quality stretch tent designs and structures to cover your venue.

Decorate it Your Way

Tentickle’s stretch tent offer you the perfect synthesis of functionality and good looks. Our stretch tents are not only stunning and trendy, but they are highly versatile when it comes to decorations. Not only can they be lit up with a wide assortment of lighting options, from simple fairy lights to full intelligent lighting systems, but we can also create unique printed stretch tent fabric with your brand’s logo on it to create a truly memorable and stunning stretch tent covering.

Our design teams have also created a wide range of unique stretch tent decor that are perfect for increasing your venue’s appeal, atmosphere and visual impact.

Find Out How to Buy Your Own Stretch Tent

Our unique semi permanent stretch tents have already covered countless establishments all over the world. Take a look for yourself and see how one of our stretch tents will help you to increase your outdoor venue space and capacity, and as such increase your revenue and profits.

For more information or a quote on your very own stretch tent contact a supplier in your area here or enquire via the enquiry form at the top of this page and one of our experienced consultants will contact you.

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