“They said that an organic fire retardant tent fabric was an impossibility to manufacture and because of this the industry gave up on it almost half a decade ago. But they were wrong, and thanks to years of hard work and research we here at Tentickle International are proud to announce the world’s first organic 3 ply Stretch tent fabric”

Marco Slunder – Managing Director
Tentickle – Stretch Tents & Canopies

Cutting Edge Fire Retardant Tent Fabric Technology

Why settle for second best when looking for the safest fire retardant tent fabric? Simply contact us at Tentickle International and we will supply you with Stretch tents manufactured out of the worlds first organic 3 ply fabric.

This groundbreaking Fire Retardant stretch tent fabric is a phenomenal achievement and from the preliminary response we’ve had from the international tent markets it looks set to become the industry fabric standard for the foreseeable future. Tested and certified in Germany, the UK, Australia, Spain and Portugal our popular 3ply Fire Retardant tent fabric is exclusive to Tentickle Stretch Tents and is available right now on all standard fabric colour tent rental and sales orders.

Please Note! The standard fabric colours manufactured using the new Fire Retardant process are natural white, light grey, beige and red, but the treatment can be used on all colours and we will happily customise all large orders.

Our Fabrics Comply with the Most Stringent Safety regulations

Our new T3010 and T3011 textile fabrics not only comply to some of the worlds most stringent international Fire Retardancy (IFR) regulations, but they are also extremely durable and offers perfect stretch/recovery Stretch tent fabric performance.

Our Fire Retardant Certified Fabric is currently under review for the following top international fire retardant certifications:

1. B1 (Germany)
2. M2 (Spain/Portugal)
3. BS 7837:1996 (UK)
4. AS 1530.2-1993 (Australia)
5. State of California (USA)

Contact Us to Find Out More

Please contact our sales and rental team for more information on our Fire Retardant Stretch Tent Fabric.

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