Why invest in branded tents from Tentickle for your business?

It’s simple. Brand awareness is everything today. Building a loyal customer following means having a brand that is out there and instantly recognised. But this can be expensive. Advertising and promoting eat into your marketing budget, often leaving you with no money for other ways to get your business out there. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Our stretch tents are the perfect canvas for you to get your name out there by making a big statement. Custom logo tents allow you to put your brand out in the public sphere strategically and cost-effectively.

Tentickle Branded Tents vs Branded Gazebos

Traditionally branded gazebos are fold-up concertina frames with a plastic covering. While, in the past, these have been a very popular option because they are cheap, there are often issues with quality and longevity. With branded gazebos you are limited as to how it is set up – they are usually square with four legs. You are also limited to where you set up – flat ground is essential. Space is often an issue as they come in standard sizes, and should there be any damage to the gazebo they are not easy to fix, so usually, have to be replaced.

Our compact stretch tents, on the other hand, are a great investment. Available in a range of sizes, when you buy a branded canopy tent from us you are guaranteed that you are buying a product that has been made using the finest quality materials and the production methods are of the highest standard. Our branded tents can be set up almost anywhere, can be freestanding or anchored to an existing structure, they are 100% waterproof, wind-proof and are easy to set up. They even come with optional side walls to keep even the wettest weather at bay. Whatever the weather, whatever the terrain, our logo tents will have you covered.

Quality logo tents for quality brands

We understand that you want your business aligned with quality. You are creating a premium brand so only premium products will do. As a business you have spent years developing a brand that stands out from the crowd; one that is more than just a run of the mill business. Our custom logo tents not only provide a canvas for your business identity, they create an entire presence for your brand. The design of the tents, the elegant and sophisticated lines, the way in which they stand out from your ordinary branded gazebo, will automatically draw attention to you in a crowded space. The fact that they can be erected almost anywhere also means that you can go where no ordinary gazebo can go. You can set up on the 18th hole while the other gazebos are still on the lawn at the entrance to your corporate golf day, for example.

Branded marquees: More than just advertising

Yes, our stretch tents are the perfect canvas to advertise your brand – they act as a movable billboard. But there are so many more reasons to invest in a tent with a logo. You can use branded tents for a huge range of events:

  • Corporate golf days.
  • Sponsored sporting events, such as a water stand a big bike race.
  • Expos.
  • Product launches.
  • Promotional parties.
  • In-house office gatherings.
  • To host lavish lunches for stakeholders or employees.
  • As a permanent shelter perhaps for the site where your business is.
  • They can be used instead of a billboard, and because of the ease with which they can be set up and taken down, they can be moved as you choose.

But a branded canopy tent is not just a corporate marketing marvel. For the hospitality industry, our tents are an invaluable investment. Restaurants can make use of them to increase the seating space while providing shelter from the elements under the roof of an exquisite Bedouin inspired tent, creating atmosphere and vibe for customers. If you are in the event or catering business you will know the benefit of having your own stretch tent.

Whether you are a marketing guru, own a restaurant or event company, by investing in a branded tent you are guaranteed to spread the word about your company. Talk to us today.

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