Thanks to our modular, yet stylish Bedouin inspired Tentickle Stretch Tents we can supply stretch tent sizes that’ll cover any type of special event! Although 50 person tents are one of the most popular sizes, our fire retardant waterproof tents can easily be used for bigger and smaller weddings, sports events, festivals, concerts, corporate and government events, birthdays, private functions, and even product launches.

Stretch Tent Sizes to Suit YOUR Needs

Thanks to our versatile and easy to erect Tentickle modular stretch tent designs we can use any number of our tents to create the perfect stretch tent sizes to suit your needs. To date we have covered multiple events across the globe, with the most requested tent capacities being a:

  • Tent for a 100 people
  • 20 person tent
  • 50 person tent
  • 30 person tent
  • Tent for 150 guests

Popular International Stretch Tent Sizes

With the international demand for high quality stretch tents increasing on a yearly basis it should come as no surprise that certain stretch tent sizes have become more popular than others. Below we have included the 3 most popular international stretch tent sizes, all of which are requested of us on an almost daily basis. They include:

20′ x 40′ Tent: Popular at cultural festivals, school concerts and sporting events, this size of tent can be used to seat 100 seated people in theater style*. This size stretch tent is also used at events where up to 64 people can be seated around tables of 8.

30′ x 60′ Tent: A favourite at concerts, festivals, town fairs, live music events and large scale private events, this tent can be used to seat 225 visitors in theater style*. Stretch Tents of this Size are also used to seat up to 144 people at round tables of 8, or 180 people in banquet rows of 8’.

40′ x 60′ Tent: Used at weddings, birthdays and other social events, this size tent can seat 120 people at round tables of 8, while still leaving ample space for a buffet area, bar, cake table and a dance floor.

*Theater Style: Rows of chairs running left to right with an aisle up the middle.

Please feel free to use the above stretch tent sizes to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions about events tent sizing that we receive. They include:

Q: How big of a tent is needed for 200 people?
A: We suggest a 30′ x 60′ Tent or a 40′ x 60′ Tent

Q: How big of a tent is needed for 150 people?
A: We suggest a 30′ x 60′ Tent

Q: What size tent is needed for 50 people?
A: Our tent experts recommend a 20′ x 40′ Tent

Q: Do your tents come with or without sidewalls?
A: Both! If you would like a tent with a sidewall, please go to our stretch tent with sidewalls page!

International Tents Sizes Breakdown

When we say we have the right tent for your event we mean it! Which is why no matter where in the world you are we can provide you with the perfect sized tent in both feet and meters. For your convenience we have included a detailed size breakdown of all of our stretch tent sizes below:

How are you looking for your tent size?

Size in Feet Size in Metres (Approx)
10 by 20 tent 3 x 6 m
10 x 20 tent 3 x 6 m
10 x 30 party tent 3 x 9 m
10 x 30 tent 3 x 9 m
20 by 40 tent 6 x 12 m
20 x 20 tent 6 x 6 m
20 x 30 tent 6 x 9 m
20 x 40 tent 6 x 12 m
20 x30 tent 6 x 9 m
30 x 30 tent 9 x 9 m
30 x 40 tent 9 x 12 m
30 x 50 tent 9 x 15 m
40 x 40 tent 12 x 12 m
40 x 60 tent 12 x 18 m

Our Standard Stretch Tent Sizes

Below is a stretch tent size breakdown for all of our currently available tents. If you cannot find the right size tent for your special events needs here, we will be only too happy to make a custom sized tent to order.

Classic Stretch Tents

In Metres In Feet
5 x 6 m 16.5 x 20 ft
10 x 7.5 m 33 x 25 ft
10 x 12 m 33 x 40 ft
12 x 15 m 40 x 50 ft
12 x 18 m 40 x 60 ft
15 x 20 m 50 x 66 ft
18 x 25 m 60 x 83 ft
18 x 30 m 83 x 98.5 ft

Compact Stretch Tents

In Metres In Feet
4 x 5 m 13 x 16.5 ft
6 x 5 m 20 x 13 ft
6 x 9 m 20 x 29.5 ft
10 x 7.5 m 33 x 25 ft

Please go to our Compact Stretch Tents page to find out more!

Safari Tents

In Square Metres In Square Feet
87.4 m2 941 ft2
120 m2 1292 ft2

Visit our Safari Tents page for more information on this type of tent.

Contact Us About Stretch Tent Sizes!

Thanks to the multiple rigging and capacity capabilities of our Tentickle Stretch Tents, you can now purchase or hire the right tent to cater to your exact outdoor events tent needs. To find out more about the stretch tent sizes that we supply, or to ask us to calculate the correct stretch tent sizes for your next event, please contact us right away. Alternatively you can also enquire about our 3D Tent Drawing Services, which will help you envisage your potential tent before you commit to any exact stretch tent sizes.

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