Inspired by the Bedouin tents of North Africa and adapted to the Greek and international market, the unique fabric and canopies of the stretch tent meets our ideals both for the practical and the aesthetic requirements of our customers. We always seek the most suitable tent for each installation.

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About Tentickle Hellas

Tentickle Hellas is a company providing quality products and services focusing on stretch tent set ups in Greece. Our staff has the experience, education and knowledge to ensure the quality of our awnings as well as flawless installations in every circumstance. Tentickle stretch tents are manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa and rented and sold to a global client list. Our awnings are 100% water resistant, providing protection from UV radiation and can be used in any climatic conditions irrespective of the season.

Stretch tents are ideal for all kinds of outdoor events in the Mediterranean region, such as weddings, product launches and concerts. Please note that all of our stretch tents meet European structural and fire safety requirements.

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