Tentickle has a range of versatile Catering Tent Options for Sale or to Hire that are perfect for wedding catering, party catering, big event catering, and festival catering. Thanks to our modular stretch fabric tents, all of which are inspired by the tents of the Bedouin tribes of the Middle-East, there is literally no catering event that is too small or too large for one of our Catering Tents to handle. Keep on reading below to find out more!

Safe Catering Tents for Any Weather

No matter if you are cooking on gas, or using electricity, our tents are as safe as can be thanks to their unique fire-retardant fabric quality’s. They are also 100% waterproof, and come with either raised or closed side flap options. This makes them the perfect Catering Tent for any season, be it in the dead of winter or a bright summer’s day. Either way, they’ll keep you warm and dry or cool and breezy no matter what the weather!

One Tent, Multiple Options

Thanks to the versatile nature of our Catering Tent options you can both prepare and serve the food of your choice under one tent. It is easy to compartmentalise our tents thanks to their previously mentioned modular construction, which literally makes them restaurants or function rooms on the go. Even if this type of set up is not what you are looking for, once again our Catering Tent Versatility will come to the fore, and multiple tents can be set up on almost any ground type. Our Tentickle Catering Tents can even be attached to existing structure to provide expanded cooking and food preparation areas, or simply to expand eating areas. The choice of how you use our Catering Tent Options is entirely up to you!

Branding and Colour Options Available

Ensure that your Catering Tent stands out from the crowd no matter what type of event you are using it at. This can be done using our tent colour options, or simply by branding your tent with your catering company name. Be seen, get noticed, and let your food do the talking once a Tentickle Catering Tent has wowed the crowed with its unique stylish looks.

Learn More About Our Catering Tent Options

If you would like to learn more about our Catering Tent Options, or would like to enquire about Catering Tent Hire and Sale Pricing, then please make use of the enquiry form on this page to get in touch with us.

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