There is no better way to celebrate life’s milestones than with a party, and there is no better party than one that is thrown using a stretch party tent. At Tentickle we have perfect the art of creating the perfect setting using our stretch party tents. Whether it’s a birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, work party, family reunion or just a party for party’s sake, we’ve got years of experience to draw on to make sure yours will be an event to remember in years to come. Rain or shine Tentickle will set up a stretch party tent that is waterproof; wind or snow, we will set up a stable party tent. A Tentickle stretch party tent provides the perfect setting for your celebration.

Want to Buy a Party Tent?

Life is full of reasons to celebrate: family landmark occasions, professional achievements, work events and just the joys of being alive. If you are one of those people who love to party and loves to share these moments with those around you, why not buy a party tent? That way no matter what the occasion you will be able to set up for the best get-together ever. If you work in the events business you will understand the benefits of Tentickle stretch party tents. They can be set up anywhere, anytime and are suitable in most weather conditions. Many event companies have decided to buy party tents as there is so much demand and they are really popular among revellers. To buy party tents from Tentickle is to invest in your business. Our stretch party tents are made using cutting edge technology and specially patented fabric that is waterproof, UV protected, absorbs sounds and provided excellent acoustics. There is no better way to party than under a Tentickle tent.

How about a stretch party tent for rent?

Live bands, DJ performances, weddings, birthdays, concerts, work, play, party. There is no event that doesn’t fit under a stretch party tent. Make yours is special and rent party tents from Tentickle. Our years of experience, expertise and knowledge make us the first choice. We understand that life is precious and should be celebrated so we are here to help you create the perfect environment by providing you with a stretch party tent for rent.

A Stretch Party Tent to Suit Any Event

When deciding what size stretch party tent you need, there are several things that need to be considered:

  • How many guests will need seating?
  • Will seating be required for relaxation or dining, or both?
  • Will there be dancing?
  • Will there be a DJ or band?
  • What other space will be needed in the party tent?
  • Will food be plated and served from elsewhere, or will a buffet area be needed?

Whether you are looking for a stretch party tent 4x6m, a stretch party tent 4x8m or a stretch party tent 3x6m, we’ve got it covered. We can also customise our stretch party tents to any size that you need. Available in a range of colours too, at Tentickle we will make sure your party looks great and goes off without a hitch. We can help with décor and lighting, layout and size. A Tentickle stretch party tent can be adapted to your venue, size, terrain and setting.

Stretch Pavilion Party Tents

Gone are the days of the traditional marquee. Today, with Tentickle stretch pavilion party tents we provided a celebration setting that is unique and one of a kind. Our stretch party tents are dynamic, flexible and suit any where any time. Our team of expertly trained personnel can advise and then set up for you. Don’t delay! Chat to one of our party people now!

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