Germany, our stretch tents are here and ready for your next event! Stretch Tent Marquee hire in Germany is easy with our durable and versatile event marquee tents. We are able to install any of our great choice of tents anywhere across the country’s diverse landscape to ensure that you and all your guests are suitably covered and comfortable under our marquee stretch tents. We are renowned internationally and our fire-retardant and organic fabric stretch marquee tents can be hired for music concerts in Hamburg, business conferences in Munich to small family gatherings in Cologne. In fact you can choose any of our large selection of stretch tents for hire for virtually any event in Germany, in any weather and on any terrain – from Dortmund, Frankfurt, Dresden, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Essen and Nurnberg to everywhere in between.

Stretch Tents – protection in all weather conditions

Although the climate differs throughout Germany, your stretch tent hire decision will be an easy one to make with us. Our team of professional installers will be there to ensure that you can plan an event and hire our stretch tents – any time of the year – in any conditions. That’s because our tents have been tested against the harshest weather conditions and passed with flying colours. Our waterproof stretch fabric means that your guests are kept safe and dry in wind and rain and protected from the heat of a summer’s day. We can create the perfect environment under the protection of our scientifically designed fabric of our stretch marquee tents for hire, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for the right weather conditions or finding the right region for your event. We will advise you on which marquee event tent will best suit your occasion and the weather ensuring that you and your guests will be comfortable under our marquee tents all year round.

Stretch Tents keep the culture hub safe from the elements

October’s beer festivals, classical or rock music concerts and numerous theatre productions keep us busy installing our attention grabbing, versatile, stretch tents for all occasions in Germany. The country has a long history of musicians, poets and artists who have helped make it a cultural hive of activity and we are here to help keep up the tradition. We are involved in setting up event tents or stage tents for hundreds of concerts, literary festivals, exhibitions and celebrations right across the country.

Create a gorgeous day with our wedding stretch tents for hire

Germany is a country rich in natural beauty. The diverse landscape boasts unique opportunities to use our wedding tents across all the amazing venues that the country offers; from a small romantic gathering in Essen to a party for hundreds of people at a castle in Schloss in Koln!

Our diverse range of marquee stretch tents, which are available in a variety of colours – can easily be used as a stand-alone venue in the botanical gardens in Frankfurt or Dresden, as an outdoor addition in a garden in Stuttgart, or to create a supplementary space to suit the importance of the day in Nurnberg, Dortmund, Munich and many other regions. With Marquee hire in Germany you can host any size wedding, in any of the country’s regions, on almost any surface. Additionally, Tentickle stretch tents can be exquisitely decorated to create your personal wedding space. Our team offer impeccable personal service and understand the importance of creating the perfect environment for your once-in-a-lifetime day. All our stretch marquee event tents for hire adhere to strict international safety codes.

Get in touch now for free advice on the best Stretch Tent Marquee hire in Germany and the very best colour, style and size for an unforgettable wedding day, event or celebration.

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