Are you looking to transform your event in Germany from ordinary to spectacular with world-class Tentickle stretch tents? Contact us for reliable service that will surpass your expectations. Tentickle Germany distributors are helpful and experienced and are waiting to turn your dream event into a spectacular reality.

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Get in touch with one of our distributors in Germany for the best advice and service via telephone or email or visit our Facebook page for pictures, news and updates:

Tentickle Germany

Learning- and Resources Centre
Research and Development Department
for Stability Analysis & Building Book

Tentickle Bavaria
Bach Sonnenschutz GmbH
André Bach
Dorfstraße 17
D-91729 Haundorf-Gräfensteinberg

Phone: 09837-978089
Fax: 09837-978101
Web: |

For service in your region, contact our Regional Partners:

Tentickle Düsseldorf
Tino Roman Stoschek
Uhlandstrasse 27
40237 Düsseldorf

Phone: 0211-41659322
Mobile: 0172-2028469

Tentickle Niedersachsen
Gastronomiebetriebe Overmeyer GbR
Am Rathauspl. 3
49439 Steinfeld

Mobile: 0171/2985308

Tentickle Stuttgart
Hauptstraße 46
71126 Gäufelden

Phone: 07032/71585

Tentickle Berlin
Matthias Müller
Brandenburger Strasse 19
14467 Potsdam

Phone: 0151/14971587

Tentickle Salzburg
Betriebsgebiet Puch Nord 7
5412 Puch bei Hallein

Phone: +43 (0) 6245 7442211

Tentickle Linz
Schlossstraße 2
4641 Steinhaus bei Wels

Phone: +43 (0) 660 / 356 59 73


A Stretch Tent for every event in Germany

Tentickle Germany will supply you with the perfect stretch tent marquees that will transform any event across the nation. So whether you’re creating an intimate garden wedding scene or hosting a music festival or commercial expo, as experts in the event tent industry we can advise you on the very best size and style stretch tent for a successful event today. Contact us now for a stretch tent that is both beautiful and practical for either private or commercial events in any of Germany’s cities, towns or villages.

Hire or Buy Stretch Tent Marquees

Whether you are looking to buy or hire one of our versatile stretch tent marquees for an event or venue in Germany, we focus on giving all our clients the best advice and service. With our expert knowledge of the industry we can help you choose the most suitable option for both your tenting needs and your budget.

Simply contact us and we will happily assess and accommodate your individual stretch tent needs.

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