Pretoria is known for its outdoor events and cultural festivals, which is why we provide quality Stretch Tents for Sale in Pretoria. Our customers include some of the biggest events management and wedding organisers in the business and our Bedouin Style Stretch Tents can be seen at weddings, sports events, outdoor music concerts, school events, food festivals, business expos and promotional events. Additionally, due to the safe, durable and waterproof nature of our tents they are often used as semi-permanent additions to restaurants, hotels and special events venues that need to increase floor space quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Where are our Stretch Tents Available in Pretoria?

We offer Stretch Tents for Sale everywhere in Pretoria, including:

  • Pretoria East
  • Pretoria North East
  • Pretoria North West
  • Pretoria Central Western
  • Centurion

In fact, thanks to our Stretch Tent delivery service we can offer Stretch Tents for Sale all over Gauteng and the Greater Johannesburg and Pretoria area. This means that it is now even more convenient to purchase one of our Special Events Tents in Pretoria than ever before. To find out more about our Stretch Tents for Sale in Pretoria, please message or call us on:

Phone: +27 71 530 8591

Why Use a Tentickle Stretch Tent in Pretoria?

Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town; South Africa is a diverse country with multiple climate and terrain differences, all of which can be handled with ease by a Tentickle Stretch Tent. From strong winds and driving rain, to the relentless South African Sun we’ve got it all covered. Also, our tents are not bound by terrain types and are just as at home on hills and fields as they are in enclosed or small places, in forests, around (and even over) swimming pools, on sand and on hard surfaces such as tar, cement or bricks. Our Stretch Tents are safe as well, and adhere to some of the most stringent international safety protocols and legislation. This means that they can be used safely in winter with heaters on, or can be used as a “smokers tent” at events that cater for smoking customers.

Learn More about Our Stretch Tents

We have a full Stretch Tent Catalogue available to all interested parties who are looking for Stretch Tents for Sale in Pretoria. Please feel free to contact us regarding not only the catalogue, but also with any Stretch Tent Queries you may have.

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