If you’re looking for a Stretch Tent for Sale in South Africa, then your first call should always be to Tentickle Tents. No matter what the size of the function, where it is going to be held, or what type of function it is, a Stretch Tent from Tentickle will have it covered in no time at all. Easy and quick to pitch, and available in multiple eye-catching colours, our Stretch Tents will always help to create the perfect backdrop for any event.

Why Buy a Stretch Tent from Us?

Quality, Durability, Safety and Cost Effectiveness; these are the things that make our Stretch Tents stand out from the competitors. Their versatility is legendary within the events tent industry and they are completely waterproof, fire retardant, UV Protected and can be printed with high definition branding or designs to ensure uniqueness or to provide the perfect memorable outdoor sales, promotional or conference venue.

When you Buy a Stretch Tent from Us you’re purchasing a tent that is perfect for:

  • Hosting festivals and music events
  • Increasing the size of existing sheltered areas in restaurants, bars, hotels and at sports events
  • Creating the perfect wedding or special events venue

Our Stretch Tent Sales Team is Here to Help!

With offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and a reliable nationwide delivery system that will get any Stretch Tent bought from us to anywhere in the country as quickly as possible, you can always count on us to be here for you. Be it a question about a New Stretch Tent for Sale you’ve got your eyes on, a query about a tent you’ve already purchased from us, or a request for advice on how to maintain your tent in the best condition, were ready to help in any way we can. In fact, so as to ensure that you get the best possible assistance from us we’ve supplied some of the most frequently asked questions our Stretch Tent Sales Team receives below. Of course we’ve also provided some very informative answers to these questions as quick references for you to use. Check them out below:

When Looking to Buy Stretch Tents from Tentickle, are their Multiple Design Options?

Yes! We have an inexhaustible variation of Stretch Tent Sizes and shapes available thanks to the modular functionality of our tents. Additionally, by simply altering the height and positioning of the tent poles our tents can take on various looks and shapes. If you would like to take a look at some of the various tent designs we’ve supplied to existing clients, then please take a look at our Tentickle Tent Image Gallery.

Do the Stretch Tents for Sale at Tentickle Come in Various Colours?

Of course! Although our standard range of tents are perfect for almost any event, we can also customise the Stretch Tent colour for you!

Do Tentickle Stretch Tents Come in Various Sizes?

We manufacture individual Stretch Tents up to a size of 600m². However, if you need a larger tent our cleverly designed modular tent functionality allows you add any number of tents to create a sheltered area of any size.

What Fabrics Are Used to Manufacture the Stretch Tents for Sale at Tentickle?

We manufacture all of the Stretch Tents for Sale at Tentickle using a wide range of technologically superior waterproof Stretch Tent fabrics, including fabrics that are unique to the Tentickle brand. Please Contact our Stretch Tent Sales Team to find out more!

What is the Capacity of a Tentickle Stretch Tent?

We can cover an event of any size, however if you would like a detailed breakdown of our Stretch Tent Capacity’s then we have an informative guide to tent sizes available, in which we cover all of the commonly available capacity variations.

Call Us If You’re Looking to Buy Stretch Tents

When you want to Buy a Stretch Tent then don’t hesitate to call us at either our Cape Town or Johannesburg offices. Please go to our Contact Us Page for a detailed breakdown of contact numbers. Alternatively, you can contact our Stretch Tent Sales team on info@tentickle.co.za for any additional Stretch Tent Sales information you might need.

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