If you’re looking for the best stretch tents Cape Town has to offer, you’re in the right place. Tentickle South Africa has its head office and manufacturing centre situated in the Mother City and it’s in the perfect position to help you with all your Cape Town marquee purchasing needs.

Multi-Purpose Stretch Tents for Sale in Cape Town

When shopping for marquee tents for sale in Cape Town, your best option is to select a unit that has multiple uses. Tentickle South Africa is at the forefront of fabric and tent design development and our tents adhere to some of the most stringent fire and safety regulations in the world. Our units are also perfectly suited for use in any environment, no matter how hot or cold, and can even be pitched in areas that are not normally suited for the erection of marquees or special event tents.

Best of all – they’re completely wind resistant, which is imperative if you live and work in the Mother City. With Tentickle tents, you will never be limited in terms of venue choices. Our expertly-crafted tents can be set up to accommodate any themed event, and our dedicated Cape Town-based tent decor department is able to assist you with all your decor-related needs. Want to put the versatility of our tents to the test? Take a look at our picture gallery to see the countless ways in which it has been used and adapted over the years.

Why Choose Marquee Tents for Sale in Cape Town

Cape Town stretch tent hire services are a great way to go, but if your business is in frequent need of a multi-purpose tented solution, it makes more sense to invest in a tent that can be branded with your logo and will always be available exactly when you need it.

While Tentickle South Africa may be a Cape Town-based company, we also happen to be one of the most popular international tent sales companies in the world, and we have the reputation and experience to prove it. We have branches all over Eastern and Western Europe, as well as the UK, Middle East and Australia. Our tents have proven their mettle across this immensely varied terrain, so you can rest assured that it will hold up under frequent use.

Thanks to our national distribution system, and regional offices in Johannesburg, our bedouin tents are not only for sale in Cape Town. In fact, we can accommodate you wherever in the country you may be, and our dedicated and experienced staff will always go that extra mile to help you.

For more information on Cape Town stretch tent, Cape Town marquee hire, or tent sales throughout South Africa, please feel free to get in touch:

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