We have a number of different types of Bedouin Tents for Sale, so talk to us about Bedouin tent sales if you are likely to have an on-going requirement for your Tentickle tent. The same applies if you have a particular tent branding need or want to create a semi-permanent tent installation.

Why Purchase a Bedouin Tent from Tentickle?

If you are looking for a quality stretch fabric Bedouin tent that is going to be used in an on-going manner then purchasing your tent from us might be the most cost effective way of doing business for you. Our tent fabrics are 100% waterproof, UV protected and easy to print branding on, which makes them perfect for creating semi-permanent shelter outside of restaurants, at trade fairs and for on-going product launches.

Because our stretch fabric Bedouin tents are also easy to pitch on any surface and quick to pack up and transport, they are extremely versatile to use for roving product launches and company promotions.

Our Bedouin Tents are Especially Perfect for:

Our Bedouin Tent Sales Team is Here for You!

Our professional Bedouin tent sales team is here to help you make the right decisions when purchasing your Tentickle Bedouin tent. In fact, our tent experts will are ready to answer any questions you may have, including ones on:

  • Tent Design – With unlimited variations of sizes and shapes possible, we can customise your tent to fit almost any space or requirement. Our Bedouin tents are infinitely flexible and capable of being set up differently every time by merely changing the height and positioning of the tent poles and fixtures. And don’t forget, you can add spectacular finishing touches with Stretch Décor and lighting. For examples of how our tents can be built and pitched in different ways, please browse the Gallery.
  • Tent Colour – Our standard range of tent colours suits most requirements. However, if you need a particular colour to suit your brand or fit with a special setting we can match any colour for you.
  • Tent Size – Tentickle manufactures single Bedouin tents up to a size of 600m². This means that you can generally specify any size of tent, fully weatherproofed, to suit your particular venue or function requirements. You can also create much larger structures by simply joining our tents together.
  • Tent Fabric Types – Tentickle offers a wide range of technologically superior weatherproof Bedouin tent fabrics, each designed for a specific purpose. Please contact our Sales Team for advice on the different options available and which product would best suit your particular needs.
  • Tent Accessories Availability – Your Tentickle accessories kit will include all you need to construct your tent as per your specifications. Check out our range of accessories and be sure to ask us what you are likely to need on an ongoing basis when purchasing your tent.
  • Tent Site Advice – whether you keep your tent on the same type of surface or will be pitching it in different locations, we can help you with guidance on securing your Bedouin tent correctly.
  • Tent Capacity – Because our Event tents are used to host countless different events, we have produced a guide to tent sizes that covers some common variations in capacity requirements.

We will also advise on what space you will need for seating, dancing, DJ / band and equipment requirements when you talk to our Bedouin tent sales department about your requirements. Contact us now to find out more about our Bedouin tents for sale using the enquiry form at the top right-hand side of this page. You can also email our Bedouin tent sales department on info@tentickle.co.za for more information.

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