“You get the best from your Bedouin Tent Hire company when renting a Tentickle tent in South Africa…”

Marco Slunder
Managing Director Tentickle Bedouin Tents & Canopies
At the Company Year End Function December 2012

Bedouin tent hire options can have a huge influence on your event planning. Parties, corporate functions, branded promotions, weddings and in fact all special events have their own unique needs and our Bedouin tents can best satisfy them all.

Not only do we offer you the best quality 3-ply organic stretch tents, but we also offer you the best possible service! We will go out of our way to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch, it doesn’t matter if you call us a few hours before your event to cover it from rain or plan it months in advance, our expertize is here to help you!

Doing Tent Rental the Right Way

With more than a decade of tent rental and Bedouin tent hire under our belt we are perfectly suited to help you with all of your tent needs. However, to best help you we first need you to answer a few tent hire questions when contacting us.

What is your Bedouin tent rental for?

The way you intend to use your tent will be a big factor in how it should be specified. Think venue rather than just tent hire and imagine how things will unfold on the day. How will the setting work with people, catering, music and other entertainment? If you have a particular theme in mind, consider how it can be extended beyond the tent for greater impact. If you are planning separate activities, will two small tents be better than one big one?

How should your Bedouin tent be shaped?

Did you know that because our stretch fabric is so versatile it is possible to shape each Tentickle tent in many different ways? In fact, varying the length and number of poles or attaching parts of the tent to existing structures can make a big difference in the way your tent looks and feels. As long as your tent conforms to regulations and provides the right interior space you can play with all kind of tent shape ideas. So if you can imagine it, there is a good chance we can build it for you!

What colour should your Bedouin tent be?

This should be considered carefully. If your requirement is for wedding tent hire then White may seem obvious. But White can be difficult to keep clean in dirty and dusty environments so Cream or Silver Grey may work much better for you.

If you are planning a party tent you can choose from a range of standard colours to fit the theme and the surroundings. Each colour has its own pros and cons so look closely at how tent colours work before you make a decision on your tent hire.

How will your Bedouin tent rental look inside?

Striking interiors are where Tentickle really excels; with the inside of our tents often contradicting what the exterior suggests. Once you have the interior tent shape right you can think about individual elements of your tent theme and add tent decorations, matched with intelligent lighting, to enhance the ambience.

How many guests will be in your Bedouin tent?

Planning for the head count can be very important, especially for sit-down events. Too many people and the inside will feel cramped; too much space and it will feel empty and cold.

You can get a rough idea of tent sizing here, but please be sure to tell us what your guest / table / music / dancing requirements will be in advance so we can advise on the best tent size.

Where will your Bedouin tent hire be located?

Our Bedouin tents and canopies are far more attractive and have less restrictions than traditional marquee tents, which require hard flat surfaces to remain stable. You can choose to pitch your Tentickle tent over humps, around trees, on slanted surfaces, to cover swimming pools and even on boats or rooftops. Just inform our rigging team about any unusual surfaces when hiring your tent so they can make sufficient preparations beforehand.

Alternatively, one of our experienced Site Managers will be happy to conduct an on-location Site Inspection with you to ensure there are no surprises on the day of your function.

Have you considered the weather?

Tentickle tents are weather-proof, which means they will protect those inside from extremes of both heat and cold, while remaining 100% waterproof. But what if you expect rain and the weather takes a turn for the better on the day? With a rigging team on-hand, you can quickly and easily convert your Event Tent into a canopy (without walls) and let your guests enjoy temperate weather too.

What other elements / effects can be added?

Think about the space outside your tent and how it can be embellished to add more character to your event. Cost-effective elements like Banners and Stretch Décor can be applied to outside areas, while a small canopy or tunnel entrance will give guests the feeling they are being welcomed to something extra special.

Will you be breaking any local regulations?

The last thing you need on the big day is to discover your event breaks some kind of municipal law or safety regulation. You should make sure you are allowed to erect a tent in your chosen location. Also find out if the rigging team will be able to use existing structures to pitch your Bedouin tent or will need to find other ways of securing it. Underground electric cables and water pipes should also be identified and pointed out to our riggers before set-up to prevent disruption to these services.

What don’t you know about Bedouin tent hire?

These points cover some of the most common aspects of tent hire and planning, but are by no means exhaustive. Tent hire covers a multitude of different uses and it’s important to get expert advice well in advance of organising your event. That way you’ll get the solution that best suits your requirements, and your guests, on the day.

If you have any requirement not covered in this article or would like specific expert advice on organising the best Bedouin tent hire for your needs, please feel free to contact us.

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